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Houston Tantric Hot Pink Puja Party: October 12, 2018

October 12th

Join us for a celebration of intimate connection as we honor the divine within us and others. Enjoy an afternoon dedicated to the Tantric Arts with a potluck, interactive puja and party.

All adults are welcome: Singles, Couples, and all sexual orientations.

Meet, Greet and Eat begins at 7:00pm
Puja starts promptly and doors lock by 7:30pm

$25 in advance, $30 at the door.

What makes this event Hot and Energy oriented is Tantra. Sita, Dala, and Michael shall co-facilitate a variety of amazing Tantric practices to create more connection, intimacy, and orgasmic potential between you and others, without the need for sex. By withholding immediate gratification and release, one can expand and grow in amazing new ways, utilizing untapped reservoirs of energy to create more vibrancy, stamina, health, and sexiness emanating from one’s body.

This experience can be enjoyed with or without a partner and is suitable for beginners that have no experience with Tantra or Cuddle type parties. At this event, there will not be intercourse or penetrative sex, but nudity, sensual and even sexual touch may occur.

We maintain a safe, relaxed and professional atmosphere at all times, that upholds and strengthens your personal boundaries. You will be invited to engage in communication, touch, and playful games that are always at choice. Everything we do is optional and is it perfectly OK to opt out of anything we suggest or just participate with your partner if you bring one.

The first two hours of the class are structured, with the final hour an opportunity to create whatever you desire within our established safety guidelines. If you would like to learn more about Tantra or take a couple of our classes online, please check out


BRING: A snack to share, comfortable loose clothing, blankets, and/or pillows and any kind of cushy yumminess to enhance your experience.

PLEASE BE ON TIME: Plan to be early to handle unforeseen delays or traffic.

Meet, Greet and Eat begins at 7:00pm
Puja starts promptly and doors lock by 7:30 pm

The opening Welcome Circle is an important part of the process where you will be introduced to the other participants and go over the ground rules of the Puja Party. This creates a safe container for all participants and sets the context and intention for the entire event. It is essential that everyone be on time.

We look forward to enjoying this magical experience together.

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