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Tantra 1 Love Class

Tantra 1 Love Class Schedule TBA 

Castle Hill Fitness Austin, TX

This event is for singles and couples of all sexual orientations.

Join us for a three-day weekend where we help you to connect with yourself intimately as you own who you are, what you desire and fully embrace your sexuality and individuality. You have the power to change your course or to maintain it when it comes to sexual expression and erotic experience.

The Tantra 1 Love Class weekend would help you:

Become Sexier: The average increase of participants is over 31%.
Own Your Sexiness, fully embrace who you are as a sexual being.
Create your ideal love life with confidence and vision.
Free yourself from shame, guilt, trauma, and fear forever.
Increase the passion and romance in your relationship/s.
Discover and unburden yourself of unconscious beliefs holding you back.
Unleash your sexual power, with new levels of energy and excitement.
Be the person you always wanted to be by becoming sexually empowered and start feeling comfortable with yourself and with your own self-intimacy.
Early Bird Registration is TBA. Regular price of tickets is $995.

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