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Welcome to Adult Bedtime Stories. Are you ready to experience not terminal emissions. Join us in a sex positive awakening adventure to help create a sex positive world, become part of the amendment and start living a sex positive lifestyle, free of sexual shame and guilt and doubt. 

It's a show dedicated to bringing sacredness back to our sexuality and to learn about everything sexual allow that beautiful, sexy creature within you to emerge each week that Frankie said the show will be in a different sectoral topic. Designed to enlighten you. So you develop more fully, is this sexual thing.

This is a sex education that you didn't receive in high school, but should have. And imagine for a moment that we could change our world and live at sex, positive lifestyle in our sex negative world, the process of socialization teaches us to feel shame and guilt around sex. By adopting a new set of attitudes and values around sex.

We can view sex with a new understanding, which is a company that positive emotions and the attitude that sex is a sacred act. I am Ladyboy Gigi, a sex expert, a life coach and a sacred harvest. My life vision is to create a sex positive world who had adult education and BDSM performance art.

Hello and welcome. I am Ladyboy Gigi. And you are listening to your Adult Bedtime Stories tonight. I've got Scott and Melanie with me and they are with the aesthetic hearts, a tantric group. And we're going to be talking about tantric sex. So welcome Scott and Melanie. Yeah. Thank you. And I'd love to hear a little bit about how you interpret what tantric sex is and where it can go.

Beautiful. So tantra and general is a practice of utilizing our sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness or expanded states of consciousness. So whenever we practice tantric sex, it is helping us to just. Expand our senses expand how much pleasure we can feel in our bodies. Calm into that merging of oneness with our partners, oneness with ourselves, and then like oneness with everyone and everything around us, spirit, God, all the things it's so juicy and good.

And also like some of the great things about tantric sex. We learn to like have extended states of orgasmic pleasure where we can like. Access those heightened states of pleasure and stay in them for longer and longer periods of time and enjoy having sex for longer and longer periods of time by knowing how to transmute the energy through our bodies so that we don't get overly stimulated in our genitals.

And we can have more conscious awareness and control to be able to enjoy sexy times for longer and longer as getting to like slow down and just moves slowly and just stretch the experience out just by being present and moving slowly and following our pleasure and being attuned with our partners that we can really.

Feel and sense our partner and know where they're at and just like so much yummy. Goodness. I love tantra. That's why I teach it. I love the tantric sex aspect of it. Big favorite of mine. So yeah. What would you like to share? My darling? Yeah. So there's lots of different types of times. Art form of contrary is the art of connection.

And so we're using the logistics of it is we're using things like breath and visualization, mindfulness touch sound. And in, in transmuting sexual energy, instead of out our genitals up our spine. So we actually like teach men how to separate ejaculation from orgasm. And most people don't know that, but you can actually have really powerful, amazing orgasms that actually get better and better.

And you can start to have multiple orgasms or even be in a constant orgasmic state for not just seconds but hours. Yeah. And when you do that, it has all sorts of benefits. When you're moving this energy through your body, it like opens up your chakras. You have more power, you're more grounded in your purpose.

You can actually use it to manifest things, even like money and relationships. It opens up your heart. So you learn how to love more. You become more self-expressed you more was more psychic and most importantly, you have a connection with the divine. When I got into this, I was just trying to get better at sex, you know, cause I was just a three stroke blender, you know, and that was done because I was like, you know, a lot of young men, I didn't know really how to make love, but the more I started doing tantra, the more amazing it gotten.

There are so many benefits from it that go way beyond sex. And it's really given me a connection with my higher self, with the divine with God. Now I'm, I'll think of myself as a spiritual teacher, which I never would have before. Yeah. Yeah. When I first got Intuit, like before I learned honcho for Scott came along.

I was still pre orgasmic. And I didn't know if I was having orgasms or not. My partners did not think I was. And if I was, it was nothing to write home about and I had dedicated partners. So it wasn't even like I didn't have good partners. They were dedicated and were doing everything they knew to do to like satisfy and please me in bed.

But once I started learning tantra, My whole world just exploded around me. Like the cosmos and fireworks. It was just, I know what an orgasm is now, for sure. It was so awesome and amazing. I'm like people have, need to share this with the world. Everyone needs to know. Yeah. It's actually multiple types of orgasms and we've actually created a whole new language, like, like tastes gazumped and orgasmic bombs and like all sorts of like, it's holy, literally the whole new world opens up and we've had to, it's like, I don't know, new adventure about every month for we've been together for 13 years now.

And about every month we have a new ha a new, significant breakthrough, a approvement in our love life. And it just keeps going. It's really amazing. Yeah. And that's one of the things there are different types of orgasms, many different types. And I've covered a little bit about that on the show that there's sometimes as little quickie orgasms, that can be kind of.

Nice and pleasant. And then you have those long extended ones that just take you to the universe. Yeah. I've never been one to really want to analyze the orgasmic experience for myself, but I can certainly say. There's a lot, so many different kinds of orgasms, so like blended. And so the thing is with tantra, you can have an orgasm from any and every part of your body, but not even just about the genital region.

Like every part of our body can be stimulated to the point of having an orgasmic experience. Yeah. So you get a bit of Eargasm or tow Gazprom or net gasoline or so, so all the different body parts can give you orgasms, but when you actually turn into an orgasmic state from like doing contract glove, making for two, three hours, then like even music can make you orgasm or a strawberry or taste or smell, or like it's it's and then you can have orgasms that.

With each other from across the room, like, like w like a Melanie has an orgasm in the other room for masturbating or something, I'll be like doing dishes in the kitchen and I'll start going to orgasm too. But it like, it transcends energy, transcends time and space, and starts really getting mystical and wild.

And you can start having orgasms with trees and with storms and nature and with God. Yeah. I'm a really big fan of orgasming with the elements with nature. It's so good. I really love making love outside because then I like connect in to everything around me. And I really feel spirit flowing through me strongly.

And I really love making love during thunder storms, the energy of thunder and lightning and rain. So intense and so vibrating and electric. And I can just feel that electricity from the storm moving through me and it really heightened my overall experience. And I used to go nude body surfing, where you arch your back and you catch a wave.

And if you do it just right, you get this kind of action down in your genital area. And as you ride the wave in, it's like it takes you into higher and higher states. And I did it over and over again. And then have this amazing orgasm with the sea. Cool. I haven't done it well, it's better to do it needs nowhere to swim dude in the sea, I guess.

I had a trick. We're very small bikini and I'd get out in the water, take it off and be, put it up in my hand into a small ball, just body surf naked, and nobody would know I was naked. Yeah. I do love swimming naked. Just like feeling the water rushing over my entire bodies of various essential experience.

Oh yeah. What are some of the methods for someone that's new to tantric sex? How do you get to that state of really learning about your body and learning how to really tie in to the sexual energy and the chakras and work the energy through your body? Yeah, well, one thing I want to say real quick before I get into that is we talk about orgasms and I know that most people have a limited concept of what orgasm is.

And when we talk about orgasms, we're talking about an intense sensation, a pleasurable energy moving through our bodies. So it is very attentive, just like what most people conceive of as an orgasm, but it's not necessarily just the intense contraction, relaxation of the genital region. So orgasms are an intense, pleasurable sensation of energy moving through our bodies and various, and sometimes I can be very, almost.

If you didn't really pay attention, you wouldn't notice. You just had one. Yeah. I like to normalize that because a lot of people out there that have orgasms, but they aren't what most people consider an orgasm and I think, oh, I'm broken. Something's not working. So I kind of liked to normalize that. Yeah.

There's different types. And sometimes you have one that it's almost like a quick sneeze. It's like, it's gone. And it's like, That's just orgasm. Yeah. That's what I was like before I learn tantra. I'm like, I think I might be having orgasms, but I'm not sure. I don't know. And so I like to let people know that's perfectly normal, but there's good news.

You can learn how to have better ones. Yeah. So one of the keys with tantra actually is breath work. So breath work is actually a key to opening up our bodies, being present, relaxing, and getting centered in our bodies. We first have to be relaxed and present before we can open up into feeling more pleasure and connection in our bodies.

So we actually have a lot of tantric breath works, but even just the simple practice of taking in a deep breath, holding it and then exhaling

And I can feel it resonating, just breathing in deeply and letting that breath fill your whole body, just holding it and then exhaling with a long drawn out sigh. Like that's the basics. And when I do private lessons with people, we start from there and we just breathe together for a while. And just from that one simple practice of just simply breathing together that opens so much up and the energy starts to awaken and build, and the tension just relaxes.

And our body's relaxed me coming to harmony or a tune that with each other. So that's like the basic practice. If you do nothing else, practice breathing with your partner and making sound and a tuning with each other with your breath. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot to it. That's all we teach this like in weekend workshops and whatnot, but the the basic gist is that like let saying, it's breath, sound mindfulness, or witness class is really key.

You have to be, you have to like focus on or notice what your body is doing. So like, most people are just kind of unconsciously doing what feels good and they, you know, Or they're rushing or their mind is thinking about the, to do list and they're having a hard time being present with themselves and present with their partner.

So presence in a still mind is critically important, slowly getting to the end. And in fact, that's trying to get an orgasm is what prevents a lot of women from having it. It's like, so. Healing your body and relaxing and enjoying the sensations and the love and the connection that you have with your partner is really key.

And so then, and then some of the mechanics, again, for men are you clench your pelvic floor, which is like your wreath for a sphincter. The thing that stops you, peeing and whatnot, and you actually practice that to get that muscle stronger. So what happens is when you get close to having an orgasm, but not too close like once you go to the point of no return, it's too late.

But if you get, like, if I tend to scale is 10 is an orgasm nine. This appointment I returned between like a six and an eight of arousal. You stop, you know, if you're lovemaking or whatever, or this is great practice masturbating too. And then you clench your pelvic floor and you breathe and visualize the energy, moving up your spine.

And then as you exhale, relaxing and moving down your spine. And so you're literally retraining your body, your neural network, and so forth to, instead of sending your energy out, your genitals are sending it up your body. And what that does is it doesn't deplete your energy. It invigorates you. And so.

With practice that can get really juicy. In fact, like for us, if we don't, if we, if Mallee doesn't have start making love before midnight, she's like asleep and we're out, but if we can start the process and then we're having like one of our lower thoughts, like by Dawn, we'll be making love like all night, we'll be have more energy and excitement that will be started.

So it's very different than a normal way of blood making. Yeah. I could certainly start off an evening being just so tired and so sleepy and Scott just has to really like convince me to get on board and then I'm like, okay, either we make love and then they're more energized and we make love again. And I'm more energized before a lie.

I had like full of energy and just write this, keep going and play all night long till morning. So yeah, tantric love making is a very energizing practice versus I think you bet make some really good points. Number one, with Scott. Especially for men. I know a lot of men tend to focus all their energy on the penis and bringing it up into the body, opens the door to full body orgasms, just the regular fireworks, shoot it off kind of orgasm.

And Melanie touches on something that I really firmly believe in is that sex is not just a physical act. It is energy at work. Oh, yeah, for sure. I didn't really understand what energy was when I first started doing tantra and people would talk about energy. I'm going, Hey, what is that? I feel it for years, but after practice and talk to as a practice, by the way, you can have a really profound experience on a weekend or an experience with someone, but to really get good at it, you have to.

Practice. It just like dancing and martial arts or anything else. And these little simple, easy, fun to practice cause making love is finding practice, but the more you do it, it gets better and better. And you know, for most men it takes probably three to six months before they're able to master separating ejaculation from orgasm, even then that you'd be thrown off their game a little bit, but the, you know, in the heat of the moment, but you know, so don't beat yourself up about it.

If it's taking a while, be patient with yourself, acceptance is really key, like accepting your body, accepting all perfect. And that you're growing at the speed you should. And then the last thing is I'll just reinforce sound. That's a really quick way for most people just to double the length and intensity of the orgasm, like immediately is use your voice during the orgasm, like scream try that out because as long as you're vocalizing, it opens up a whole nother channel of energy in your body and your orgasm will continue as long as you're vocalizing.

So. And if you've got like nosy neighbors or kids or something, take a pillow and screamed to the pillow and then like take a breath and scream again and try to milk your orgasm for like two or three screens and stuff. We're try that tonight. If you like, can see we've done differences. It makes, yeah, I feel like talk about screaming, but I like to remind people, it doesn't have to be screaming.

It can just be moaning and groaning and making sounds of pleasure and sexiness and not being concerned about what your sounds are. It was just opening up your body to allowing sound, to move through you sound can be so primal and can bring that primal part into the play. And sex is a primal energy.

Yeah, I'm making sound during love. Making helps your partner to know where you're at and what's working or what's not working, and also really helps you to become in tune with each other. And get that oneness experience. You're about to say what I was gonna say. Also the Pavlov effect, like, you know, if Melanie, because we make love and I'm used to our sounds when she can start making sounds from breathing and whatever that can send me directly into orgasm before you even start, you know, like when you really train your body to receive and experience, I pleasure it.

It gets easier and easier to do it. That's really what you're doing is you're rewiring your neural network, neural plasticity to figure out how to experience more pleasure to move more energy, to access, you know, the divine and powerful way. Lovemaking is a type of art and dance. I think it's a.

Coordination between partners, or even when you're going silo a coordination with yourself, that's working with that energy and building it up and then playing with it and breathing it in and circulating it. It's becomes amazing where you can go with these things. And I tell people all the time that when we're practicing tantra, we're practicing getting coordinated in our bodies.

So we're getting coordinated with our breath, with sound, with movement and with touch. And we're doing tantric practices of getting coordinated in all of that. And as much as we talk about tantric sex with a partner, All of the stuff you can learn on your own without any sexual partner and without ever having sex.

So this is all stuff that you can do by yourself with no sex involved ever, but in is way more intense. Whenever you have a partner and you're in a sacred relationship to really expand into the sexual round, it really builds that energy more profound. And I think for those that are single silos, sex can become even more profound.

I used to just masturbate now make love to myself and it's a whole different flavor. It's like, I'm really, I, even, when I was younger, I had a friend tell me, he said, cause I was having trouble dating girls. And I thought, you know, it was all jittery and nervous. And he said, Why don't you take yourself on a date and do everything you would do for a partner for yourself, including sets at the end of the night.

And so I took myself on a date. I did all the special things I do for if I was taking out a hot check and that was just a whole expanding mindset for me to really awaken and love myself first. And that's what opened the door for me. I've realized I can't love another until I love myself. Yeah, absolutely.

In fact, within a week of doing that ad this girl that I'd been kind of interested in, come up out of the blue and say, would you like to go out with me? And I said, yes. And so doing that energy work of taking myself on a date, it opened me up energetically to receiving from the universe. Absolutely. I was going to say that the most important.

Aspect of this whole thing is learning to love yourself. That's really the core of all this cause everyone is a reflection of us. Anyway, we are all part of everything. So the more we can love ourselves, the more we'll naturally love the world. And the more we'll all take care and grow and learn each other.

I'll say one of the things that, one of the keys that isn't talked about a lot that's necessary for you to really feel your energy is a Mo is releasing emotional blocks that are in our body. We have all of us experience trauma, we experience pain and we experience, you know, fear and judgment and things that block us and get locked in our body.

So, and then it's sex, negative culture. We get so many messages around sexuality that block us absolutely big time. And that gets a lot of that gets lodged into our lower Shakur regions in our genitals and so forth. And so what we're doing, we're moving energy. A lot of times we're clearing out old, emotional blocks.

So you might feel sad or angrier. Other emotions might come up when you start doing this. And that's great because clearing out old stuff, old patterns, old, stuck energy, it's not serving you anymore. So you can be at an open channel and really feel what's going on in the present moment. So that's a, that's an important practice of talking to texts and current, sometimes don't fully feel your feelings, but that's another thing I'd suggest is that the more you fully feel your feelings, the more free you'll be.

And the more you'll really enjoy the juiciness of life. And it's opening yourself to being more vulnerable. Absolutely. And a lot of times in our modern day culture, especially for men they're taught now, you've got to have your guard up all the time and even more and more women have to put their guard up in a different way.

You know, they're the gatekeepers of sexuality. The men are the pursuers and said, there's all these little guards and walls up that block us, how many levels it's. And that's one of the things I love about tantric sex is that it helps us tear down all those walls and really become vulnerable and open.

And when we do, we form a deeper connection with ourself and with our partner. Absolutely. Y'all are so beautiful.

Yeah. You know, vulnerability, I think it's a bad rep, but it's really the art of lowering your guard and your walls and all this, you know, conditioning that we have so that you can feel and connect with a person. I think vulnerability is a strength. It's like the more vulnerable I am, the more I can feel and open myself up to people.

Even the more emotional I get with other people, if I can feel their sadness or their pain or whatnot, then that creates a connection. It creates an understanding. It helps me appreciate them more. They have a stronger connection with me and vice versa, and then we're able to go to deeper levels of love or friendship or whatnot.

So I really think that's a key aspect of this too. And you know, I've been running Aphrodite's temple for many years. And every once in a while we get a guy coming in that has some that toxic masculinity going. And I love to S you know, kinda go up to him and say, Hey, let me show you a better way, open yourself up a little bit.

And then I stand back and watch, and the vulnerability kind of opens a little crack. And the next thing I see is all that toxic stuff, just falling away. And he's all of a sudden connecting with the energy of Aphrodite's temple and taking often, and maybe for the first time in their life feeling healthy, sexuality and healthy masculinity.

Yeah, that's beautiful. Yeah. You inspired us. So, you know, the flip side starting like static carcass are oh, really? Well, yeah. Yeah. You're one of our inspirations for, you know, creating a temple or a space that people can practice being open sexually and free. Yeah. I'm glad I influence she. I did not know that, but I've been following y'all and I've noticed y'all have really taken off in the tantric circles, especially around Austin.

And it's so beautiful to see all the work that you've done. And I don't know if you know, but I've become a certified sex coach now a year and a half of training and have a certification in both sexology and sex coaching. I wanted to get my PhD in sexology, but. Today's college tuitions. And it's just out of the question, unless I really become very wealthy.

I mean, I don't want to go into debt, but the problem is there's no PhD programs in Texas in sexology and going out of state, all of a sudden the charges become astronomical for higher education. Yeah. And so I found this program, which really kind of opened the door for me to, because I love sexuality.

It's been, I mean, my life vision is to create a more sex positive for old and create a world where. Sex is talked about and we share information openly and honestly, and we become more vulnerable and we open the door to each other and bring sight while we bring ourselves out of the dark ages of sexual sexuality.

And I see us moving slowly into this age of sexual enlightenment. Now, what are your thoughts about that? Yeah, I feel like that's part of our mission is bringing the divine feminine and divine masculine back into balance and having a healthy relationship with the divine feminine, divine masculine is having a healthy relationship to sex and sexuality.

Like I feel like we are met. We are here and human bodies. To experience the human physical experience, which absolutely includes sexuality, sex pleasure in our bodies. But as the saying goes heaviness here. When your mind is clear. In your body now, it's not all about waiting into the next world to go to heaven or dying.

And the ever after it's about enjoying and exploring all the pleasure that is available for you here and now in your body. And it puts that sparkle back in your eyes. Sexual energy is our life force energy. It's our creative energy. It's like the energy that actually physically creates new life and continues the human population.

It's the energy that makes the whole world continue. It's like the most important energy there is. So our sexual energy is like hugely important and having a healthy relationship with it will make so much of a change of the world and make everyone happier because so much of the trauma of the world comes from a negative relationship with sexuality and having a traumatic relationship around sexuality and being so out of touch with our bodies.

I mean, we can't walk naked. Yeah. I really feel like a lot of like the bad stuff and the trauma and the negative aspects of Mirella is all around a negative relationship with sexuality. So the more we're able to bring a positive relationship with sexuality, the more happiness, joy, bliss, pleasure connection we're able to bring to like the whole world.

Wow. Time flies for already to station break. We'll come back to this shortly. I want to remind people to visit my website. It's a brand new sex coaching website, G That's. TGS, w I L B U And of course my old website, Ravens Slayer, You can find all kinds of information there and links to our Patrion page.

We have started running once a month, a virtual Aphrodite's temple. And if you want to participate, you have to sign up ahead of time, but go to And we've got all the information there about Aphrodite's temple. I wanted Aphrodite's temple is my website, but that was every form of Aphrodite had been already taken like, well, let me try Ladyboy, because I'm a hermaphrodite and I'm a Ladyboy, and that popped right up.

Nothing had to add none numbers known. Stuff. I could just have a simple name. So I wanted to let folks know how to get in touch with you and the both of you, Melanie and Scott. Yeah. You can find That's Yeah. So join us there.

And what are some of the well, before we get back to that, is there any way that you take donations for the work you do? Or do you have workshops? How would people find out about that? Yeah, we have some workshops coming up. We have our Tucker one weekend in August and our sexual empowerment weekend in October right now.

You know, COVID kind of put us delayed a little bit. So then we had some online stuff that we're working on, but I'm actually now working on finishing a book in the next month or two. So that'll be coming out shortly, but yeah, just sign up for Ecstatic Hearts™ and you'll get some free videos and you'll be in our lists.

We only send out a like a message once every couple of months or something that says what's coming up in the future. So, we'll we, and we also private lessons we do. And we also go out and do special events and whatnot too. So, yeah, if you'd like to work with me personally, I do private lessons in-person and online.

So work with you. Yeah,

welcome to my friends, erotic stories podcast, where we listen to the best erotica from our friends online. Relax. As you spice up your day to day lives with a little bit of naughtiness search for my friend's erotic stories on apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, and more. Also visit us on our slash erotic podcast and help us make our podcast better.

Ah, so back to our topic, tantric sex, the ride to STC, and we were talking about the spiritual side and that's one of my favorite parts getting to that. And a lot of people think when they hear the word spiritual, it's somehow religious and dogmatic. And for me, spiritual is just the opposite. I mean, to me, it's climbing up a tree naked and masturbating in the wind with the main shining down and the cool breeze cooling my body as I heated up and getting lost in the throes of passion.

And that can be as spiritual, as kneeling before a partner and just worshiping that partner can be any type of act. So what does spiritual mean to y'all. Yeah, I love that. So spiritual to me means the base level, everyone. And. Everything has an energy is energy and has a spirit. So being spiritual is being able to tap into and connect the spirit within everyone and everything.

And there's also like, higher spirits that are like spiritual beings that help give us guidance and messages and such. And whenever we're able to come into that state of silence and stillness and listening, or even during love making, we can have those hits of inspiration, those moments of great clarity and knowing this.

And sometimes we can have vivid visions that are guidance and stuff like that. So those kinds of things can happen with spirituality and practicing tantra. And also it's like spirit is the higher, my higher self, my divine connection. Like my soul and being able to see and connect with the higher self or soul of another.

So like that spiritual and feeling that melding and merging of oneness connection of just really feeling somebody else and really feeling the nature around us and ho how we're all connected. And we're all one, like we are one organism that is earth and we are all parts of a whole. So to me, spiritual is.

Knowing that we are parts of a whole and we are all connected and all interconnected and just like knowing, and feeling and sensing that. And yeah, that's all very spiritual to me am connecting with the elements as well. Like the elements are very strong energy and being able to connect in with the earth and with the heavens and with wind and watch her and rain and fire and just like feeling it and feeling that connection is super amazing.

And I absolutely love, and that's why I absolutely love being out in nature as much as possible, just like connecting into that. So that's all, it's very spiritual for me. Yeah. I'll just said that if you hear nothing else. Hear that your sexual energy is the quickest, most effective way for you to connect with the divine.

And it doesn't matter what you believe. It doesn't matter if you're an atheist or whatnot. You'll just, if you start this path and you actually practice it, you'll start to discover in it. Everyone's path is unique by the way. So I can't even tell you how it'll lay out for you, but you'll start to have experiences that can only be described as.

It's divine. I like be, for me, the old me would have thought that I was crazy like the curtain. I mean, I've had experiences and memories of past lives. In fact, I've met other people and we have memories of the same past saliva together. I've had experiences of having orgasms with nature, which I'd been thinking was possible.

I've connected. I've had an energetic connection or even an orgasm with God. There's something called the Kundalini awakening, which happens. A lot of times when you have this profound, spiritual and energetic experience that opens your body up and, you know, I've seen visions of the future and the past I've I felt a oneness with the world, you know, like with where I am, everything, you know, and I've had so many experiences of being more than just this body that I have an image.

I have an intuitive and bodied belief that my soul is eternal. And I didn't have that before. I mean, I don't even need faith because I have proof and evidence like over and over again. And it's in, it's an embodied experience. So it's not something I have to intellectually think about that. I just know it in my gut, which gives me a lot of peace and a lot of yeah, just join in and a joy.

Yeah. Yeah. And one of the things I often say on this show is that whatever made us, the creator, the, whether it be nature or some God or whatever entity, or maybe it was just through evolution, whatever it was, it built us as sexual beings to receive and give pleasure what our bodies are wired for. It neurologically.

Our bodies respond and produce all kinds of good chemicals. When we get sexy and sexual it's like serotonin, dopamine, all those yummy chemicals that make us feel good and help us connect with each other at a deeper level. And so there is science to this, as well as the spiritual side. And I kinda liked it so that in to balance out, because I've seen so many of the spiritual leaders kind of talk in this kind of mystical kind of hard to really get your hands on approach.

And so I like to add in a little bit of the science behind it and say, this does work at a physical as well as a psychic level. Absolutely. Kind of bring it all together in a holistic package. Package instead of this kind of way out there, hard to understand, kind of talk that I hear a lot of religious leaders give.

So I like to demystify the spiritual so that everybody can get into it. If I want to kind of explore and see where it goes, what is y'all's attitude around that? Well, I agree. I like I think everyone's path is unique. I mean, I've been a Buddhist and a Christian and agnostic and atheist and all sorts of things throughout my life, exploring different ways.

But tantra is, what's really given me a connection and, you know, and everyone's path is unique. I know some practicing Tantra people that don't believe in God, and that's great, you know, it's like, because, but you will have profound experiences that will enhance your life. And it's like, don't even believe what I'm saying.

Just try it and see for yourself what experiences you have. And I guarantee if you stick with it just a little bit and just do some of the basic stuff, like on our website, you'll start to have more and more profound experiences because there's, as you said, we make all the best chemicals in our body. We.

Have so much access to pleasure and joy that most people don't tap into fully. It's just a beautiful experience and it's completely changed our lives. I mean, that's why we teach this as like, we just started doing this for fun. And our friends were like, Hey, you should start teaching this.

And we're like, ah, it was actually a flip side of like, man and we put them off for like a year, but now with so much fun, we see the