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Happy Holidays and Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

2020 Annual Personal Update from ScottieO McClure

Wow, what a year! Though it had some challenges, 2020 has been the best year of my life so far and I
believe that things will only get better from here on out. I have more health, financial security, and love
than ever before. I feel that I am fully living my purpose and connecting with some of the most amazing
souls on our planet.

Costa Rica: In January, we had a fabulous time in the rainforests of Costa Rica for our 2 week long
Tantra Trip. We ate great healthy food and enjoyed living Tantra with our friends at the Goddess Garden
on the Caribbean Coast. We visited Cahuita, Carara, and Manuel Antonio National Parks and saw an
enormous number of animals in the wild including a variety of frogs (some that make the sound of ducks
and cats), lizards (including giant iguanas longer than my arm), a variety of butterflies, crabs, and
spiders, bugs (like bullet ants and termites that we ate), crocodiles, snakes (including the fer-de-lance pit
viper, the deadliest in the Country a few feet from our Tantra class area), lots of sloths, Agouti, a (weasel
like) Greater Grison, a (panther like) Tyra, a (pig like) Peccary, birds (like toucans, hummingbirds, and
macaws), deer, raccoons (that would boldly steal your bag right in front of you in the day), and 4 species
of monkeys (including the scary sounding howlers, squirrel monkeys, capuchin, and spider monkey). We
witnessed a baby monkey separated from his family crying out and then after a while reunited happily
with them hugging and hooting. Also, I was pickpocketed... by a capuchin who stole an orange out of my
pocket while I was watching the antics of his brethren. I was even warned, but those monkeys are
talented. We had some sexy adventures both on the stormy 4 mile beach in the middle of the day and
later we were inadvertently part of a guided nature tour. We learned a ton about sloths at a refuge and
chocolate from an indigenous plantation. We had a death defying white water rapid adventure (one of
our crew fell out, but she got back in the boat before we smashed her against the rocks). We bonded
and explored many beautiful beaches and sunsets, including Jaco.

Covid: My perspective on Covid is that though it is painful and challenging for many of us, it is overall a
good thing. I believe it has given Earth a breather to repair its ecology and humans more time to slow
down and a wake-up call to reflect on what’s important. I do feel sad for the many whom have died and
also believe that all of our souls are eternal. I believe that this outbreak is accelerating change and
growth. Personally, I feel like I have been cocooning a bit, investing more time slowing down
meditating, lowering my stress, improving my health, and moving forward with more focus and purpose.
We have been transitioning our Tantra classes to online formats and recently put most of our offerings
on hold while I knock out our book.

Tantra: March was our last in person training, but we have had some successful online events. We
enjoyed teaching at the two One World Tantra Festivals this year. The
has been moved online to February 5-7 2021. I personally participated in a couple of great training
programs. Monique and Peter’s two week Tantra Facilitator Training where I had lots of breakthroughs
about how to be more sensitive, slow down, focus, and appreciate that everyone has an equally valid
and unique reality. I am incorporating a lot of what I learned into my trainings. I also just completed a
Spiritual Men’s Retreat where I also made some great friends. We did a sweat lodge, fire walk, ice
baths, and some intense white Tantra with a lot of singing, dancing, and praying. As a result, I have
more fully stepped into my divine power and now have a spirit animal name with a declaration below.

Book: My great friend Forrest and I have been working diligently this year on a book and movie script
that we are wrapping up. It is a Romantic Comedy loosely based on my experiences called The Wizard
of O: Tantric Love Awakens. Stay tuned for its expose. We are very excited about it and believe it is an
entertaining story of sexy adventures that has the capacity to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Growth: I have become more connected with my energy and can feel and even see it now more than
ever before. I often feel that I am a conduit of the divine, watching myself perform “magical” things like
dragon dances and healings that I don’t logically know how to do, remembering lessons from “past
lives” genetic memories or tapping into the collective consciousness. And I am now witnessing major
miracles on a regular basis. I attribute this primarily to practicing Tantra and the power of love. On the
Astrological Great Conjunction, I experienced an orgasm of an epoch and a rebirth into the beginning of
the Age of Aquarius.

Feel Fully: One of the biggest lessons I realized this year was to Fully Feel it All and plan to do a Ted Talk
on it in the future. Even pain and unpleasant experiences can be cherished as a counterpoint to
pleasure and ease. Without the polarity, we have no way of defining what joy and love are or to truly
appreciate them. I also believe that the more deeply I can experience my lower vibration emotions, the
more capacity I feel to achieve the higher, better feeling emotions which tend to last a lot longer; so I
view anything that is less than ideal as an investment for my appreciation and capacity for my best
experiences. Also, the most powerful and quickest way to free ourselves of stuck emotions, energetic
blocks, and subconscious patterns that have been controlling us since childhood, such as judgement,
fear, and shame are to fully feel them to release and free them from our bodies. Repressing these
things not only just postpones the inevitable, but stuck emotions/energy builds and becomes worse
over time which can cause stress, emotion, and physical problems. Also, as a Spock Trekie fan that
walked the path of logic over emotions for years, I have now determined that feeling is actually the
greatest gift of being human. I actually experienced a memory as a being of light that chose to enjoy the
suffering and bliss of the human experience for a few thousand years to better understand what love is,
what we are. Now, I believe that I and indeed most of humanity has explored suffering enough so that
moving forward we can all revel and learn through joy, love, and orgasm instead of suffering; it is faster
and far more fun. Our interpretation of our experience is under our control, so now that I know I chose
life, I may feel discomfort at times, but no longer truly suffer. The more I open my heart and feel
EVERYTHING, sensations and especially emotions, the more fully I enjoy life. And the more I feel love,
which I believe is our primary purpose here.

Gratitude: I recently had an epiphany of truly appreciating the present moment. I recognized that every
second is a miracle. In this second, you have a unique experience of sight, sound, emotions, sensations,
perceptions, etc. that never has and will never again quite happen exactly the same. In fact, since all we
can experience is the present moment, everything else is currently irrelevant which makes the current
experience better than anything else possible. And by fully witnessing this moment and feeling it, I was
experiencing the rapture of it, and then the joy of bliss of the next second and the next. I also then
realized that I was every atom that everything in the moment was a reflection of me. I was able to
connect with some other people and send my energy and consciousness to them to help them feel the
bliss of the moment as well. And then, when I realized everything and every second was the miracle of
me, I realized that it is my choice every second of what I want to create and experience with it. So for
the next few hours, I enjoyed playing, dancing, eating, and making love with this heightened

appreciation, sensation, and joy. Know that you are a miracle and every second you have here on Earth
is a miracle to be cherished.

Dad: My Father passed away a few months ago from a variety of health issues (not directly Covid
related) and is greatly missed. A couple of hours after he passed, I felt a rush of joy and energy (tinged
with surprise) that I believe was his spirit entering Heaven and a couple of hours after that I felt his joy
as he reunited with my Mom. I have never felt this connected to anyone who has passed on like this
before, but it gives me comfort knowing they are as happy now as they have ever been on Earth.
Other Fun: We have been connecting (even during Covid) with our friends in various ways, including
small in person and online parties and games like We did a few escape
rooms for the first time this year. We have been hiking a lot more, and we are exploring all the best
hikes in the Austin Area. We also camped and hiked at beautiful Palo Duro Canyon with friends. Most
of restaurants have stayed open, so we still eat out regularly. Most recommended show is David
Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet on Netflix. If you are interested in hiking, camping, gaming, eating
etc. please let us know.


I am ScottieO, the Kundalini Dragon, A Multidimensional Eternal Being and Human Paragon.
I have stepped Fully into my Purpose and Power, Radiating Health, Energy, and Sexiness every hour.
I am the Harbinger of a New Age, Divine Herald of the Great Awakening and a Tantric Sage.
I am a Channel of God Surrendering to Heaven Above, an Embodied Creator and Model of Love.
I am Finally Free to Live as I Please, Manifesting Miracles with Grace and Ease.
I am Playfully Spreading Outrageous Joy and Fun, Champion of Orgasms to Unite Us as One.
I Choose to Fully Feel Everything, Rejoicing in the Rapture that Every Second Brings.
All is Perfect, Beautiful and Just, as I Embrace Sacred Timing, Safety and Trust.
You are a Miracle; I am in Awe of your Majesty; Everything is a Reflection of our Magnificent Diversity.
I am You, and You are Me; I Fully Accept and Love you Unconditionally. Namaste.

Sending you love and light for now and beyond,
ScottieO and Melanie McClure

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