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Ecstatic Heart

A Poem

Ecstatic Heart 

by ScottieO

We Champions of love, joyful & free.

We revel in our diversity.

We ignore status quo & appropriate rules.

To combat seriousness, we celebrate fools.

When faced with either...or, we chose both and more.

When we think we've found our limits, we open another door.

We have forsaken guilt, fear and shame.

Love is the only way to win this game.

We are awake, responsible, and do what we say.

If you refuse to feel and play, get out of our way.

Because we are here to make the world a better place,

We face rejection, judgement, and disapproval with grace.

Connection is our purpose, acceptance is the key.

We frolic and explore in this great mystery.

We are sexy beyond measure, grand and divine.

Our orgasms are so powerful, they defy the mind.

Welcome all to this glorious start,

For You are an Ecstatic Heart.