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Super Secret Mysteries of Tantra Yoga Uncovered

A Tantra Talk

The Super Secret Mysteries of Tantra Yoga Uncovered

Have you ever wondered what the mysteries of Tantra are? Well most of the powerful effects of tantric training come from the in person energetic entrainment that goes on between teacher and pupil. These secrets are beyond my ability to convey in an article. That being said, I'd like to share with you some of the secrets I can share with you. It is my hope to get you started on the path today in integrating Tantric living into your life. If you are intrigued and interested to learn more, come to a workshop or get private lessons from me or any other trained professional you resonate with.

The First Super Secret Mystery of Tantra is:

Master the Fundamentals!

The first super secret mystery of Tantra is Master the Fundamentals. You don’t need to know the thousands of techniques to become a Tantra master. Really if you just master the basic fundamentals, that is all you really need to know for success as a tantra master. Realize that Tantra is a practice. It is a fun practice to do over and over again and can include sex.

The Second Secret of Tantra is Awareness

The second secret fundamental of Tantra is awareness. This is being aware, also known as witness consciousness and mindfulness. Bring your awareness to noticing what is going on in your body at all times. Notice what sensations such as hot, cold, relaxation, tightness, buzzing, tingling, etc… you are feeling and where you are feeling it. Also notice what your emotions are. Emotions are usually your brain’s interpretation of the sensations you are experiencing in your body and attempting to put a word on it that is understood by others. So first notice your sensations in your body and where they are coming from. By bringing greater awareness to our bodies, we actually start sensing and feeling more. This also allows us to feel more pleasure and ecstasy!

Notice what thoughts are flowing through your head from a place of curiosity and non-judgmental witness. By noticing what we are experiencing from a place of curiosity, we become able to respond to life rather than reacting to it. We can live life how we desire to live life verses how we were programmed by society. We have all been programmed by society to help us live life subconsciously. Some of those programs serve us and help things be easier, while other programs are sabotaging us. When we bring greater awareness to our lives using the witness, we are better able to notice how we are living our life and to choose how we want to live our life. We become better able to respond to situations.

We delve deeper into how to consciously program our lives to have the life we want in our Sexual Empowerment weekend.

The Third Super Secret of Tantra is Focus

The third super secret of Tantra is Focus.

Where we put our focus and intention energy flows. Where you put your intention, your energy, your focus directs your energy and results follow. So it’s really important to cultivate a mind of gratitude and optimism. A practice we have is doing a gratitude meditation every day. Think about what you are grateful in your life. Think about what you are grateful about your lover. Tell your lover what you are grateful for about them.

You can also put your focus and attention on feeling good and doing the things you love. Focus on being happy and more things in life that bring your happiness will continue to flow to you. Happiness and positivity begets more happiness.

The Fourth Secret is to Be Vocally Expressive!

The fourth secret is to open up and use your voice. When you open up to making sounds of pleasure including laughter, moans, groans and screams of ecstasy, you awaken all of your body with your sound. Make sound during your orgasms and keep making long drawn out sounds and the orgasm will continue. If you aren’t already expressively loud during lovemaking this one technique can dramatically increase the length and intensity of your orgasm.

When you start making sound, your body gets excited about the sounds you and your partner are making. So making sounds even before you get excited will excite your body and your partner’s body. I know what that sound means honey!!! So make sounds, be expressive and don’t worry about if your sounds sound sexy. Trust me they do.

The Fifth Secret is Breathe

The fifth secret is breathe. Learning tantric breathing practices helps us to gain mastery of our bodies. Breath helps you to relax, connect with your partner and get excited. It also helps us to reach higher states of consciousness and have extended orgasms. So much can be controlled with breathwork.

Breathe in deeply from your root to your heart. Hold it there, then exhale out the heart with an Ahhhhhh. Continue that breathing feeling your body sink into connecting with the earth, centering and harmonizing into connection with your partner. I begin every Tantra practice with this simple centering breathe connecting my sex with my heart. It relaxes, centers and brings me into harmony with my partner. 

Breath can also excite and arouse. Using my breathe I can amp up my energy. Breathing with your partner helps to bring about harmony and getting on the same energetical wavelength.

The Sixth Secret Mystery of Tantra is Movement

The Sixth super secret mystery of Tantra is Movement.

Moving our bodies relaxes and energizes them at the same time. By being aware of our bodies while we are moving them it helps us to come into our bodies. We gain sensitivity through movement and awaken our bodies to experience more sensuality and ecstasy.

Shake it off and dance while shaking every part of your body helps to shake the stress and tension away while getting all the juices moving in our bodies. Shaking also helps to awaken our orgasms. Dancing sensually helps us to feel pleasure in our bodies just by moving them through dance. This is great to do alone as well as with a partner. I love to engage in sensual romantic dancing with or for my partner as foreplay to sexy times.

So basically breathe, move, make sound and be aware of your body. Breathe, move, make sound with awareness and breathe, move, make sound some more! Tantrics have devised many a practice that helps us to become coordinated in our bodies and to harmonize with others usings these basics. It sounds so easy when we put it that way!

Now you know some of our secrets. This is not a complete list by any means, but the basics will take you a long way. Combine this with some tantric energy activation under the guidance of a professional and you are on your way to the path of pleasure and ecstatic living.