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Framework and Steps of Enrollment

ScottieO: Hello. This is ScottieO with Ecstatic Hearts™ and we're back with John Alexander again to talk about enrollment and this time, we're going to try and go through the framework or the steps of enrollment and we're going to exemplify it by John practicing with me and enrolling me in something. Before we begin, John, I just want to go through the different stages of enrollment in the way we do it anyway just so people understand what you're going to be doing and we'll take step by step. The first is, building a relationship or connecting with them, letting them know you care and legitimately caring. Two is, vision. This is where you spend the majority of your time. You're creating a vision of what they want and getting them passionate and excited about it because most people take action out of their emotions, not necessarily out of logic and of course, logic too but if they - you really want to find something that they care about and you want to get them excited what it is. The third thing is you want to talk about the details like just the specifics of what it is, whether it's a book or a workshop and if it's a workshop, what the dates are, what's involved, how much it costs. Anything they need to know to be able to take action and sometimes some people are analytical, they need more information so you can send them a website link or something like that. The fourth is, you ask. You just flat-out ask. So many people skip this stuff because it's scary or something. It's just like, "Hey, do you want to go?" Especially if it's something you're going to say, "Hey, you want to join me with this thing? It's going to be cool." Or whatever. The fifth thing is handling objections, if they have objections and because a lot of people if they - if it's something new and it's uncomfortable for them, their default is bring out money, time, something like that that can get in the way and what you do about that is, you go back to vision. Because if they trust you that they believe you that what you're saying is true and if they really get excited about what they want and it's something really juicy for them, they will do whatever it takes to have it, right? If they have objections, it's really usually because they aren't clear enough in their vision or they aren't excited enough about their vision to make a change and the bigger the changes by the way, the more impactful something is, the bigger difference you can make in the world, the harder it is to enroll someone in it because the more resistance their subconscious has. Our subconscious' job is to keep us safe but the way it does that is by keeping things the same because it correlates change with danger so it's not - we want our subconscious, it helps us in a lot of ways but our programming is such that prevents us or gets in the way of us wanting to grow and expand. That's why it becomes uncomfortable. The last thing is follow up. If they say yes, make sure to - if it's something that in a bit you're going to go to in a couple of weeks, follow up with them a couple of days beforehand. Just say, "Hey, I'm excited to go with you. Just want to make sure everything's still aligned." Because in this day and age, people also sometimes they're going to do something and they forget. That's also why if they say yes, if it's something that you're paying for like workshops, it's important to get them to pay then too because there's a correlation that goes on in their head of if they pay, then they're committed. If they don't pay, they're really not. Then the more they pay, the more valuable we'll

treat the experience. So they don't have the exact same experience. There's a study on the workshops and

the people who've paid two or three times as much got far more value out of people that paid the lower

amount. Because people pay attention to - if it's important to them, they'll put their money where they feel is important. Okay, so that's the class. Let's just take it step by step. Go.

John Alexander: Do you mind if real quick if I just summarize?

ScottieO: Yeah.

John Alexander: Caring, establishing relationship, visioning, mentioning your recommendation or asking, I


ScottieO: Details. Just explain what the opportunity is.

John Alexander: Okay. The details and then it's asking, and then facing the objections and then six is follow up.

ScottieO: Yes, that's it.

John Alexander: Okay, thank you.

ScottieO: Normally, you just go right through them but we're going to take it into chunks. So first of all, let's start with relationships. What's the scenario? Why don't you share what's going on?

John Alexander: Well, let's make it real. How are you doing, ScottieO? I know you've been having a lot of cold and health issues lately. [Unintelligible] I hope that those helped you and Melanie and I hope you're feeling a lot better now.

ScottieO: Yes, thank you. Yes. Melanie and I have been sick with a cold or something which remained for 10

days we finally are both feeling better. I think because I've been doing much than resting lately. I feel like my stamina's a little bit lower so I've got to kind of get back to working out, get back to exercising and

everything else but I think the cold is gone. I'm feeling pretty good. I think I turned around yesterday and I

appreciate you sending energy healing force so I did notice a difference there. I think Melanie did too so thank you.

John Alexander: Yes, it's funny because I'm in the same situation and I had - last week got really pushed and I haven't been taking care of myself and I had a wonderful weekend so far of resting and recuperating so it's been nice.

ScottieO: It's important to take care of your body and rest. Yes?

John Alexander: Right. That's about it for me. I've been having a great time in storytelling and I know things keep going forward for you with Ecstatic Hearts™. How is the Costa Rica trip coming and everything going for that?

ScottieO: Okay. So just to be clear, now we're switching to the visions section. Correct?

John Alexander: I wasn't sure actually when to switch but I thought about it that that might be a good switching point.

ScottieO: That's where we're kind of doing this apart, taking this by sessions to show you. It shows that - it could be just a couple of sentences. It could be just, "Hey, how you been? Let's hang awhile." But you did a good job of referencing something you remembered we talked about, you genuinely cared how I was, you actually did something to support us. So I felt that you care about me and I'm ready to listen to what you have to say, right? So that's A+ on connection. Now, going to vision. What was the question about Costa Rica?

John Alexander: The question was what's going on with the Costa Rica trip? What do you want to do with it? What's happening there?

ScottieO: Yes. So yes, pretty exciting actually. We are having our first tantric vacation in Costa Rica. It's happening December 12th - 18th, I believe and it is January 2020. It's going to be a combination of tantric experiences so we're going to do puja stuff in the morning or breathing exercising, stretches, getting our body activated and then pujas or sensuous or connected experiences at night. We should have about 10 people or - sorry, 10 couples, about 20 people at the max and we've got more of a resort for the Goddess Garden, which is this really beautiful place in Costa Rica. During the day we'll do excursions like we're going to do whitewater rafting and go to the rainforest and all sorts of cool stuff. I think we'll play with dolphins or something, I don't know. There's this variety of things to choose from. So what we want to do is we love tantric trainings and intensives and we've done a few of those and some like we're in Bali but the problem is that we spent so much time training, we didn't actually get to see the place. Sometimes we just extend our vacation to see it but this is kind of a really unique experience where we're going to actually see the country and go with these amazing people and friends because they are quality people coming together and what's cool, through tantra, we're going to build and grow our relationship throughout the experience so that by the end of the trip, you guys are going to be best friends, even if you're brand new and haven't seen the people before. So I'm really excited about it and I love the opportunity to - because travel is the most passionate thing to do and being able to combine it with tantra, the other thing I'm most passionate about is like a dream come true for me. So we're about halfway through. We've got about five more couple spots that are available and we need to finish enrolling people by the end of this month before we have to...

John Alexander: Actually, I'm pretty sure - well, I have to wait on some confirmation from Janette but I am more than happy to. I have a loan ready that I can take to get the money for it on my end. There's a little confirmation we need to do and it's close but I believe by the end of the week I should be able to tell you yes or no.

ScottieO: Great.

John Alexander: Definitely want to.

ScottieO: It's going to be a blast. The goal is to do this every year, we'll go to different country and we'll be able to see the world together as friends. We're trying to make it as cheap as possible too because $2,000 per person covers - at least for you, it's a little more expensive I think because you've got the early bird discount. I think it's $5,000 for two people now for people we don't know but it covers the food, it covers the lodging, it covers the excursions, everything except the plane ticket. I'm going to send you here in the next day or two the really cheap flights that we found. I think it's one of the cheaper places. Now is a good time to buy tickets because the sooner you buy, the cheaper it is. I'll share that with you later.

John Alexander: What it does make me excited about and what I've been seeing more and more is this idea of building the community and you going forward with that. What - I would really love to hear what you see happening in five or six years for Ecstatic Hearts™ as a community. What's going to be happening then?

ScottieO: Wow. Well, who can predict the future? My vision is glorious. I don't know. Without going in too many things, I'm working on some long-term projects that I think will expand massively the awareness of tantra and Ecstatic Hearts™ in specific and help people really not just heal their shame and fear and so forth around sexuality but really empower them to think and rise to that level and really awaken them. I really feel that tantra and what we're doing is one of the keys that's going to awaken the world and help us save our planet and each other before we destroy ourselves. I've seen glimpses of the future if you will and it's a pretty amazing thing. I think that there's lots of different paths that people are on right now that are all awakening and expanding and becoming more conscious and I don't know, aligned and I see us really coming together as a world community of love, of connection and so forth. As far as Ecstatic Hearts™ specifically, I plan to have a castle and have at least 12 people permanently living there and cohabitation and then other people kind of coming in and out in a rotation basis and a place that'll be a destination romantic getaway kind of situation for people or a training venue or maybe even - I don't know, wedding. I don't know but it's...

John Alexander: What would it look like? Would it be like a medieval castle or just a really cool big house somewhere in nature?

ScottieO: The whole medieval thing, Melanie and I got married at the Renaissance Festival. I've had a passion for castles my whole life. But yes, a combination of a real looking authentic medieval castle with - but we're going to include fantasy fixtures or modern plumbing. So a moat that'll go around to a grotto or a waterfall around the side. We'll have a jacuzzi and a tower. Glass, big window stuff on the inside for the courtyard type stuff but it'll - it'll be somewhat defensible. Who knows? If we have a zombie apocalypse or something... [Laughter]

John Alexander: Right. Repopulate the world with love and tantra.

ScottieO: Yes, yes. But really, the community is as you said, the most important thing and we're developing and building really close-knit friends and people who really care about each other, who care about the world. It's just a beautiful thing and we just grow deeper and deeper into a relationship. You know, you're one of us.

John Alexander: Yes. [Laughter] Yes, it really sounds like you see it being just, I don't know, all across the world and maybe even connecting with other wonderful people who are doing their own thing and other groups that are really being a part of this positive movement.

ScottieO: Yes, we expect to be fully networked with all sorts of other groups and there's all sorts of initiatives that we're doing to support other non-profits and connect with other organizations if they're doing something similar because only together, working as a team, can we really do the changes necessary to save our life.

John Alexander: So what about for yourself? What do you want for yourself irregardless of Ecstatic Hearts™? Aside from living in a castle?

ScottieO: Let's see. I want to have optimal health and I'd say perfect but I don't know what that means. But really being sick for 10 days is not acceptable for me so I want to have amazing health and never get sick again until maybe it's time I try to move on and have even more energy and focus and commitment so I get my mission done. I'd like to be financially free so that I don't have to have the stress of trying to pay the bills. It sometimes gets in the way of me following my greater long-term passions and goals. Plus, just be nice. I think it'll help you feel successful. I want to have amazing - even more amazing relationship with Melanie and others because I don't think love has limits and so I think that - I really want to be able to unconditionally love universally. That's a tall order but that's my goal for myself.

John Alexander: Regardless of who you're meeting and connecting with, just...

ScottieO: Yes. Like seeing the miracle in everybody. See - love everyone for their unique amazing blessing that they are and letting go of my judgments because we're all judgment-making machines but maybe more judgmental than some. [Laughter] I've been teaching myself to systematically, "Okay. That's another judgment. It's not helping anything so I'll just let that go."

John Alexander: Well, have you heard? There's this thing called the Sexual Empowerment coming up. [Laughter]

ScottieO: Okay. So pretend that I don't know all about it.

John Alexander: No, actually I was literally saying more as a joke but it is - actually the truth is, I really feel like these goals are definitely interconencted. Of course you can have everything for yourself without Ecstatic Hearts™ and without that growing. But it just - it seems to me like they weave together so well and so naturally, for the future you want to build, I just kind of - I'm wondering what we can do to make sure that that happens for you?

ScottieO: Well, I'll tell you what. Just for fun, let's assume that there is another organization that's got something called Sexual Empowerment and - that I don't know anything about and enroll me in that.

John Alexander: All right. Well ScottieO, there is - it really sounds like you want health, you want this unconditional love and you want to empower this loving organization both for yourself and the organization to have financial stability and abundance, to expand out this lovolution and I have heard you said before, throughout the world and have this wonderful, peaceful, gorgeous grotto and castle as a center for this community. As a part of that, it sounds like things like empowerment especially kind of opening up to the love, this is my interpretation to love inside yourself, for yourself and the others and releasing the judgment and perhaps opening up to the energies of that abundance that I think is there for all of us and that I'm trying to open up to as well. There is something I've done before called Sexual Empowerment. This program that really helped me look at the stories inside of myself that cause me to judge and hold myself back and limit myself. It's part of releasing that is what began to allow me to be expanding and focusing on my dreams and I wonder - I really do think that you might want to think about that because it can help you - I think going through this experience could really help open new avenues for you, letting go of the judgment and opening up to the love and releasing your limitations. It's called Sexual Empowerment and empowerment is an incredible part of what it is.

ScottieO; Okay. So let's take a step for a second. So envision, you did a pretty good job on that, you got me excited, you got me into what I wanted. You also talked about some things that still I'm working on and what not. So that's good. Now, you're getting into the details, right? Where you're just laying out the thing. My suggestion or coaching will be shorten it. You're doing a lot of talking and kind of regurgitating what i just said. Just I would keep it short and simple and because the longer you talk, the more out of my experience you're taking me. That makes sense, right? The danger or the challenge or trap that a lot of us get into is we want to share about our experience and so we start talking about what happened to us and everything else but the sad thing is, most people don't care as much as they care about themselves and so they - the longer you talk, the more and more it's taking me...

John Alexander: Away.

ScottieO: ...all that trouble building. So what you want to do is just go, "You know what? i want you to have that too. I got this amazing thing that I did which will totally support you on that. It's going to help you with your health, it's going to help you let go of judgments and it's going to support you in subconsciously breaking trough any things that get in the way of you being unconditionally loving."

John Alexander: Okay. I think I can do that. It's like this is the point where we talk about it the way we mentioned earlier in the previous recording where it's like recommending, "Hey, I did this. I did this, I think it'd be so great for you. It could really help do this and this and this." Okay. Shall we do...?

ScottieO: So tell me - so go ahead, start with that.

John Alexander: Yes, let's do a take two. Well, ScottieO, yes. That sounds so cool. I really want you to be able to achieve that. I can totally just see you in that castle right now, glowing in health and love with everyone there. i did something called this Sexual Empowerment workshop recently and they have something coming up. I really think that they can help you just open up to that love and let go of anything that's keeping you back from that empowerment you're looking for and diving into it. I really see it releasing the judgments and opening what you're looking for for the future or at least helping.

ScottieO: Cool. By the way, the reason I want a castle is because I think it's going to inspire people and the reason I want to be financially free is it's going to take money to expand the message and marketing and get it out there. So yes, I'm interested in exploring other things. I mean, I know a lot about sexual empowerment. What is this class going to do for me that maybe haven't done elsewhere?

John Alexander: Well, one unique thing about this class is that it helps you to really harness your sexual energy for the purpose of manifesting what you want. A lot of people, in addition to getting sexier and of course in the class, there are some interesting metrics that get measured. They also - I've seen so many stories of people who actually become in a much better financial position after they go through the class. People whose lives change, they get better jobs, they find more what they want to do. I got a promotion at my job actually recently. I attribute a lot of that to this workshop.

ScottieO: Cool. So you said metrics aren't getting sexier. What's that?

John Alexander: [Laughter] Well, I personally, I'm not so sure about what I think of them but we rate each other on sexiness at the beginning of the workshop and then in the end and so you can kind of see for yourself a fun little experiment and how other people might be seeing you at the end and the average is a 33% increase in sexiness.

ScottieO: Wow, 33%. Cool. I think it's sexier too. So yes, well, when is it? How much is it?

John Alexander: Well, it's coming up. It's on the weekend of November 22nd from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Right now, I can give you an early bird discount so it'll be $595, I believe. If we go ahead and do it right now, I'm happy to do it with you because I got to plug in a discount code and once we get you locked in, you'll be all good to go and I can - we'll get you all the details and I can tell you all the address and everything. It is in Austin.

ScottieO: Cool. Is it all day Friday?

John Alexander: I believe it is. That one, I've forgotten about.

ScottieO: No, actually it starts Friday night, 7:30.

John Alexander: Okay.

ScottieO: [Laughter] That's important because some people can't get off on Friday.

John Alexander: Yes. So Friday evening, yes.

ScottieO: Sure. Yes, why not? I'm always looking to see what the competition's doing and in competition, I believe in complementaries because I think we're all in this together to help support each other in raising the vibration of the planets. So yes, send me the stuff and I'll check it out.

John Alexander: All right. I guess that would be it. Is there anything else we should...?

ScottieO: Okay. You did the ask and I threw a little sneaky curve ball at you. So I said send me the information and I'll check it out. I said yes but it's not quite the same thing as...

John Alexander: Right now, yes.

ScottieO: Some people need that. I have a rule that I'll take 24 hours to make a decision or I got to talk to my wife or something so if someone's like that, I would say, "Great. I'm going to send you the link and then I'll follow up with you tomorrow and see where you're at and what not." The longer you wait between getting them excited at their vision and when they make an actual decision like paying or putting - some kind of oral commitment, then the longer you have for fear to go up and vision to go down. So you don't want to wait more than you have to. You know?

John Alexander: Yes.

ScottieO: It might feel like pressure but you're really just supporting a person in making a choice when they are in the best state of mind to make it because you want people to make a choice from their vision, not from their fear and not be a victim to their circumstances.

John Alexander: You're not manipulating them because you're supporting their vision and what they want.

ScottieO: Yes, yes. It's like - there's a difference between pressuring someone because it's something you want versus standing for someone because it's what they want. So I'll stand for someone all day because sometimes you have to see how great they are. You see that they're - you see them as greater than they see themselves, You see their possibility more than they can because they're stuck with their own limiting conversations and that's the power of a coach. That's what coaching is about that's why there are people out there that always are kind of pushing you to do better and to get you outside your comfort zone and supporting you in doing stuff because that's what people need to really excel. Most people can't do it by themselves. There's no high performing team, CEO, any high performers out there that don't have coaches or higher management or someone that's supporting them and nurturing them and helping them grow. That's necessary to really have in life. So what i might say in that situation if you just said, "Okay, great. Send me the information." Say, "All right. But you know, if you sign up now, you can start having breakthroughs in your life, like this minute. Because as soon as you sign up, as soon as you commit, breakthroughs start happening." So I would say - or I might say, "Is there any reason that you don't want to just sign up right now?" Then they'll give you an obstacle or they'll say, "No, I guess I could pay now." "Great. Let's go ahead and take care of it so I know that I'm taking care of you." Or something. So it's okay to leave it a little bit and see. If they say, "No, I have a rule that I blah, blah, blah." Say, "Okay. But does that rule serve you or...?" You don't want to be a jerk about it but at some point, if they're really clear, if they're a no by the way, you go, "Great. Thanks for listening to me. I totally respect your decision. I hope you find something that can really support you because everyone's different and everyone has their own path so I get that." But if they're a maybe or want to go, what you'll often get is, "I'd like to but I got to get a babysitter or i just don't have the money or blah, blah, blah." So let's just play with an objection and you can see me handle it. So I might go, "$595 is a fair amount of money. So I'll have to talk to my wife and see if it's justifiable but I'll look online and see if it's something I could really justify the cost of it."

John Alexander: Well, sure. You were just telling me about this dream of a castle you had and this opening up to love and this is something that can - has been proved. I've seen lots of people make these different changes, these breakthroughs when going through it and it sounds like you really want to make a breakthrough to make these dreams happen. So I really recommend that if it is something you want, the money will come together and it will happen and going through the commitment as the first step to getting that breakthrough.

ScottieO: Yes, you did say it will help me actually to learn more how to make money.

John Alexander: Actually, I've heard a lot of people including myself have had that experience, yes.

ScottieO: Okay. All right, what the heck. I believe in going with my gut when I hear a good thing. I will sign up. How will I do it?

John Alexander: Well, the best place to start is and then there is - I'm blanking. I believe there is in the upcoming events section, I can scroll down with you if you want and we can go on the website together. Once we get there, I can tell you the discount to enter so you can get an extra $100 off. Normally, it'll be $695 so I''m getting you down to that $595 and we can go ahead and get you signed up.

ScottieO: Okay, cool. Just a couple of tweaks there. I would say, "If you like to sign up now, can you get access to a computer?" Don't say, "I can sign you up if you want." Just say, "I'll walk you through it right now." Just support them doing it. Yes, so it's Live Events and we extended by the way the early bird discount for another week or two so you can actually get someone down with a code of ECSTATIC - wait, what's the code? EARLY. Then they get an extra $100 off so it's $495.

John Alexander: Yes. It's on the WhatsApp chat, yes.

ScottieO: Frankly, I would only offer that to people who have concerns about money because the more they put forth, the more value they're going to get out of it. But we do have that for a little while longer if someone needs a little bit of break because i want it to be available for everybody. Okay, so let's say you walked me through, I've signed up, it went through, I confirmed. Then what do you do?

John Alexander: Then I'd say, "Great. I will be - I'll tell you what? How about I check in with you a couple of days before it starts, make sure everything is okay, answering questions you might have and is there anything else - any question you have right now?"

ScottieO: No. Are you going to be there?

John Alexander: Yes, I'm going to be there.

ScottieO: Cool. So you're taking it again or...?

John Alexander: I am hoping to actually be part of the staff for it. I might be there to be able to help and support you. That's my goal.

ScottieO: Awesome. Yes, I might even leave with that because I want to go where you're going too. So if I know that it's something you're going to be at, then that's helpful. Yes, that's it. Then yes, man, just congratulate on making a decision, you [unintelligible] and that's it. How do you feel? How did that go?

John Alexander: It's still a little nerve-wracking for me but [laughter] this is pretty valuable for me to have it broken up with you and I feel like my instincts were more right on than I thought but I was overthinking it a lot of times. So that was what happened through that.

ScottieO: You did a good job. Even the part where you kind of elaborated a little bit and so forth, it was so coherent. It was still useful and there's no wrong way to do this, by the way. Your friends are your friends because they like you and who you are and what not so you be you. There's no perfect way to do this but - and again, you're beingness is more important than what you say. So if I were you, I'd just change a part and pleasure you made a difference for me and you can see the results afterwards and that's where the real beauty of it is, is when you stand for someone who has a little resistance. By the way, the more resistance there is, the bigger the breakthrough is on the other side. So when I get someone who's real resistant, I get really excited because oh man, this is going to be so amazing for you. [Laughter] Scan the room and they physically transform in front of your eyes from Friday night until Sunday evening. It's quite remarkable and then they usually thank you for the difference you made for their lives and so forth.

John Alexander: That's what happened with me. Yes, I remember when you enrolled me when I started in Level 1 way back when.

ScottieO: Yes, and I'm very happy that I did that. [Laughter] That's it. So thank you, John, for modelling this and also for enrolling me and my passion, getting me more connected to what I'm here for and if you're watching, again, Thank you for checking out and there actually is a real Sexual Empowerment workshop that he's talking about. If you want to come, check it out yourself. So thanks, guys. I appreciate your time. I'll let you, John. Thanks for being here.

John Alexander: Namaste, ScottieO.

ScottieO: Namaste, my friend. Bye-bye.

John Alexander: Bye.