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What are the different types of Tantra?

Different Types of Tantra

Melanie: Hi everyone. This is Melanie.

ScottieO: And ScottieO

Kat: With Kat Fleming. Hello.

ScottieO: This is Kat. You want to say hello again?

Kat: Hi, I'm Kat. Hi everyone.

Melanie: Welcome. So, we're here today because we are excited about the Austin Tantra Festival which is coming soon to our town of Austin, Texas. It's our first tantra festival that we are putting on and we are so excited to have amazing teachers collaborating and offering their gifts with everyone this year and Kat Fleming is one of the awesome co-conspirators in this festival.

ScottieO: So Kat, tell us a little bit what are you going to be offering and bringing to the festival? We're very excited.

Kat: So, I'm offering two workshops at the festival. One of them is called Tantra and Flow States. The other one, I'm trying to remember what I named it. I think it's Turned On Tantra and Your Second Chakra.

Melanie:Those has some great titles but tell us more. What are these classes going to be like, Kat?

Kat: Let's see. Where to start? In general, the style of tantra that I teach, some people call it "white tantra" and I don't always refer to my personal practices that but I do understand that the term is nice for understanding if a class will be sexual or non-sexual. So, the class is...

ScottieO: We classify ours as pink which is kind of somewhere in between because we definitely like to incorporate the sexual aspect of things as part of it but we really are focused on the connection and the intimacy aspect of things so it's - we don't really see ourselves as with labels but yes, I hear you. But to help other people understand what the types are, I think it's great. So, what's your class example of what you're going to do?

Kat: Cool. Well, you said something that I really like. You said that you love connection and intimacy and I feel the same way and that's one of my favorite parts about tantra is that it helps me have deeper connection and deeper intimacy not only with people but with anything that's happening. So, that's something that's a big part of my practice and a big part of what I teach. So, the first class that I mentioned, Tantra and Flow States, that's [laughter] - I love that eyebrow raise. That one is about finding more intimacy with the present moment and being more fluid with the present moment and so that class focuses a lot on how to get out of your own way and how to have more reverence, more enthusiasm for whatever's happening and you asked what happens in a usual class of mine. I love breath work, I love meditation. What I always say is that I teach people how to move energy through their body and that's through sound, through movement, touch, breathing, the visualizations, meditation. So I like to say that we do a warm up and an activation and integration exercise in all of my classes.

ScottieO: Sweet.

Kat: Yeah.

ScottieO: Tell me more about the Awakening the Second Chakra class.

Kat: [Laughter] So that's another thing that I love about tantra is that it helps people to harness all their

sexual energy which is also their creative energy and use that to create the life of their dreams. So

Awakening Your Second Chakra is not only about activating more sexual energy in your body but it's about

moving that and putting it towards whatever you're really, really into. Yeah, so in that class, we'll be

generating a lot of sexual energy which like i said is also creative energy and moving it through our body so

we can be more embodied, more present and more creative. Whether that's what job you want to create,

relationships you want to create. Whatever you want to create in your life, we'll be talking about how to

harness that energy and bring it forth.

ScottieO: Beautiful.

Melanie: Awesome. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love classes that help us to generate and activate energy in our bodies.

ScottieO: Yes. Actually, our tantra's very alike. I mean, we try a lot of different styles and we have a lineage

with Babaji Nagaraj and we tried neotantra, we had multiple teachers. We tried a little of everything that's

out there but actually, it sounds like what we teach even though they're technically different colors or

whatever it is. It's very similar and I love what you've done. We've seen some of your classes, you've seen

some of ours and so we're just really excited to be collaborating with you on this and bringing all the

different flavors and styles of tantra to people. This is the first time a festival's ever come to Austin, it's this

weekend so it starts Friday night through Sunday, December 14th - 16th, is it? Yeah, we still have a few

tickets left so we're excited about jumping on board.

Melanie: Yeah, you really touched on some things that I really love about tantra events in general and

especially this festival that I'm really excited about is bringing community together.

ScottieO: Yeah, we have a great community.

Melanie: We have over 100 people of really great quality of people and just building that cohesive energetic

space. We'll be helping to facilitate the opening ceremony and some of the other grand rituals that evening

and just building that energetic space in which the energy is just really filling the room and connecting

everyone is one of my favorite things.

Kat: It's a very good feeling.

Melanie: Yeah. And one of the classes that we'll get to teach is tantalizing touch. So how to bring that

present and that energetic space into massage practice with another person. So it's always my favorite. I

love massage, I love presence, I love slowness, I love energy movement and massage. It's my favorite thing all the time. I'm so blessed with my honey who will massage me like all the time which is amazing. Lots of real-life practice going on in this relationship. [Laughter]

ScottieO: Which makes it really good and just sometimes the dogs fight for tits. It's all good.

Melanie: And tantric relationships and really going into what is tantra and how does one bring tantra into


ScottieO: We didn't know we'd do that. Cool. What were you saying, Kat?

Kat: Well, so I have a few questions about what you guys are teaching. Initially, I was going to ask for the

Tantalizing Touch is that in a sexual massage, is it erotic or is it just sensual? What is that? [Laughter]

Melanie: That's a great question. It will be a sensual massage in this class. More geared towards just the

quality of how to teach and how to connect with a partner but not getting into the erotic space in the class

but giving you some ideas on how you can take that home into your space privately and engage as erotically as you desire.

ScottieO: Yeah, from our perspective, how we teach is we do show you techniques that you could take home and utilize to dramatically improve your love life. We don't actually and I don't think the festival's actually going to teach any direct sexual touching simulation kind of stuff because - well, we'll just leave that for people at home because what I found is that when you teach people how to connect, when you teach people how to come with their hearts, when you teach them how to be present, then the sex part takes care of itself because that's really where the magic happens. When you can start raising an eyebrow and sending each other an orgasm, everything else is kind of a bonus for that. [Laughter]

Kat: Totally. So I'm really excited for the other workshop that y'all are doing about bringing tantra into your

relationship because a lot of people, if they do that, they might that that's all about sex. But really, tantra

has so much personal development and emotional intelligence. So what will y'all be covering in that


Melanie: Well, we'll be sharing about our relationship. We're co-facilitating it with Eugene Hedlund, the

other person who's putting on this tantra festival with us and it is yet to be born so come and check it out to find out what we will share. [Laughter]

Kat: Cool, yeah. I'm super excited.

Melanie: We'll let it as God calls for us to speak. [Laughter]

ScottieO: And it really is a spiritual practice too. I didn't want to let people know that - when I first did this, I

was trying to get better at sex but through doing tantra, I've had so many divine experiences, so many

miracles and evidence and proof that there's some divine intelligent love that's supporting us and helping all of our dreams come true that its really given me faith in a higher power and in our own divinity. That's just one of the many amazing benefits that we got at this. But anyway, I think this just gives people a little taste of what we're doing and thank you so much, Kat, for jumping onboard with us and this weekend as well. It starts again Friday, this Friday.

Melanie: December 13th - 15th.

ScottieO: Ten tickets left for the tier 2 which saves you $50.00 and there's also a food plan if you want. We're going to have an amazing presenters or actually the whole Saturday night along with Bliss Goddess

who are some tantra performers who's just going to be beautiful. Just come to check out the community too. This is - we know at least half the people who are coming and there's really a warm, open mind, open-hearted loving people and that's what keeps us doing this again and again and again. Seeing the difference

that it makes for people and seeing how loving our communities are growing. Yeah.

Kat: Totally. I'm just so excited to practice with that many people because I find that the more people, the

more intense the energy is and it can really just exponentially build the spiritual practice so...

ScottieO: I got to say, the last time I was in one of these big rituals that Eugene did at the end of it, when

everyone was like walking out and going home, I was literally just still quivering on the floor for like 10

minutes. I was just shuttering an orgasm all by myself on the floor. So it's like anything can happen. Also, it's a very healing thing. Helping us get rid of shame, grief, fear, trauma, all that stuff gets cleared out of our

body so we can really be alive and present in the moment. That's really called tantra. So anyway, I think this is great., come check us out. You can use your Kat code. Is it K-A-T10?

Kat: Yeah, that's it.

ScottieO: That'll give you an extra 10% off your ticket price. Thanks for coming everybody and we'll check in with you later with Ecstatic Hearts™ and...

Melanie: See you soon, Kat.

Kat: Love you guys. Thank you so much.

ScottieO: All right. Bye-bye.

Melanie: Bye-bye.

Kat: Peace.