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A Guide to Life

Doing a daily Tantra Yoga practice is extremely helpful in helping to ground, calm, relax you as well as awakening and keeping the energy channels open in your body. This is something you can do all by yourself as a daily practice and you can do it with your partner with or without including sex.

This practice is quite flexible in which practices you choose to include with it and you can customize it to meet your desires and time availability. So we have included a short, medium and long GAIASETS™ to get you started.

GAIASETS™ stand for:


Be in Gratitude for all the things in life you have to be grateful for


Love and Accept who you are and where you are right now in life


Set an Intention for today's practice

Awaken the Body 

Get the energy moving through your body

Still the Mind

Come into the present with a clear still mind

Energize Sexual Energy

Let your sexual energy flow

Transmute the Passion

Move your sexual energy up and through your body

Send out Blessings

Send out love and healing blessings to an individual or to the world