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I am a Wild Woman

I am a wild woman

I am a woman who likes to be free

Free to choose what I want to do

Free to love whomever I love

Free to express myself however I feel the desire to express myself

Free to be affectionate whenever I desire to be so

Free to be my fully self expressed sexual self

Free from the constraints society tries to put on me telling me how I should behave and act

Free from the shame, the guilt and the fear society and religion tries to heap upon me

Free to explore anything I desire to explore even that which is taboo

Free to be turned on and excited about everything

Free to feel my pleasure fully

Free to surrender into my orgasmic self

Free learn, to grow, to evolve

Free to stay the same

Free to walk barefoot

Free to eat with my hands

Free to be naked

Free to be the wild woman I am

-Melanie McClure