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Happy Holidays and New Year 2016

from the McClures

This last year we've been busy launching, a socially conscious community, committed to being joyful, sexy, strong and free. We have hosted over 72 events and taught Tantra to over 500 fellow "students". This is now our full-time occupation, passion, and destiny, to create a connected loving world. We have been working diligently to create an online education program to improve people's love lives and increase their health and energy.

As mentioned in my last update, I almost died from having a 12 hour orgasm. But, this was only due to not drinking enough electrolytes. With coconut water and powerade zero, this extreme activity is now perfectly safe. The Learning Channel was interested enough in our story to interview and feature us on an upcoming episode of "Sex Sent Me to the ER". We will let you know when the date airs. 

The best camp-out the later half of 2015 was Burnt Soup. We had water gun fights in the pool, did future hula hooping, watched fire sword fight/whip/darts. We also manifested massage, had a screaming contest, and inspired love throughout the hundreds of other campers.

Been super focused on optimizing my heath lately. Practicing Tantra and exercising daily with Mike Chang's "Six Pack Abs" weight lifting and diet program. Still a bit of a struggle to do consistently, but have lost two inches from my waist so far. Feel in better health than I have been in a long time. Melanie is always fit, seemingly without effort or dieting (guess goddesses are just beautiful naturally).

Our best trip of the year was Puerto Rico, where we explored Old San Juan, and their massive fortress. We listened to local choir groups, ate local cuisine (didn't know what half of it was), and shopped. Second day we visited El Yunque National Forest (the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. Park system, and with more plant species than all the other National Parks combined). Our favorite part was hiking a .7 mile incline along beautiful rapids to a waterfall in which one could swim. Next day we toured most of the island starting with a gorgeous beach we had all to ourselves) and finished by swimming in a bio-luminescent bay.

We then boarded a 10 day cruise. It had 6 comedians, a piano guy, karaoke, dancing, singers, etc and of course nonstop food. First stop, St. Thomas, where we had a great scuba dive with multiple swims through arches of coral with lots of great fish. Next day, we visited the isle of St. Kitts. Third island was St. Martin, where we snorkeled with an octopus, barracuda, needle nose and variety of other fish too numerous to count. Also swam around an old submerged submarine and helicopter. Then, we kayaked, paddle boarded (at least from my knees as standing was too tricky, but Melanie did yoga poses on her board), and held onto a fence in the jet pathway of an airport as air blast past from landings (supposedly 1 of only 2 places to do this in the world). At Grand Turk, we snorkeled another extensive reef and kissed another stingray. Then, in Jamaica we swam in the ocean and chilled at beach in Ochos Rios. Then, landed in New Orleans and hightailed it back to Texas before the hurricane hit (which just turned out to be a lot of rain for us).

Also, we danced a bit at the Austin Lindy Exchange and watched a Cirque du Soleil performance. Celebrated Thanksgiving with Melanie's extended family. We also attended lots of cuddle and massage parties. At Main Event, we have become addicted to laser tag, and enjoy bowling, rock climbing, video games, billiards, shuffle board, and glow in the dark putt-putt.

For Halloween, we attended lots of spooktacular parties, our favorite being the one themed "Inappropriate Superhero", which I tend to revel in normally. From Luke and Leia lovers to scantily clad aliens, almost every variety of bad taste and taboo were sampled. The human wine cooler was a big hit and Melanie had a great Ariel Dance performance with one of our good friends.

Around Christmas, we attended lots of parties including touching going away parties for some of our dear friends. Over the holidays, we had a great time with all of our family in both San Antonio and Tyler. Lots of riveting strategy games, wonderful food, gifts and merriment all around.

May we all be fully present to the joy and beauty of every moment,

Melanie and Scottie Oh Oh Oh!