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Profound Parties and Play

Incredible as it sounds, a few weeks ago, I almost died. I was exercising quite a bit and tend to have low sodium and potassium due to genetics. I was drenched with sweat so made sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated: probably over two gallons. (the problem was this further diluted my electrolytes). I also become constipated, so I used a few laxative suppositories to no avail. What I did not know was this leeched even more electrolytes from my system. I then took some magnesium pills, but this just made me vomit. As I continued to vomit, I realized my wife needed to take me to the ER. She raced me there and I started to become foggy and loosing the ability to concentrate.

We arrived, the doctors tested my blood, and said that I was undergoing Acute Hypokalemia (lack of potassium) and Hyponatremia (lack of sodium). And that I could die or go into seizures at any moment. In fact, they seemed surprised that I could still talk. Indeed my jaw started clenching to where I had trouble opening it to speak clearly. A guy next to us then passed away, so it was another hour or so before they did anything to help us. They were about to inject a strong salt solution into me, but a doctor stopped them and said that doing that much too quickly may send me into a lifetime of full body paralysis. So, they slowly raised my electrolytes with an IV and water restrictions and I got out of the hospital in about 3 Days. I have since exercised vigorously, but with lots of coconut water and Gatorade and have not had any problems.

So back to the beginning of 2015, we brought in the New Year with a great party and even better friends. Themed purple orange mad scientists and monsters. They had jelly shot syringes and silk dancing along with great food and conversation. Next, we celebrated our housemate's birthday along with Elvis’ at Chuy's. Where an "impersonator" sang just like the King. Next year on 1/8/16, if you dress up as Elvis or Priscilla, you eat free. It was packed, but eventually everyone arrived, ate, then most went back to our place. We ended up playing Dominion and ended up running around in the backyard. It was in the 20's, part of our cold acclimation plan for camping.

We then had a fantastic Freezer Burn with about 1K people and 30 theme camps. Highlights were connecting with lots of other new friends, ohming in cuddle puddles, the entertaining port-a-potty with sound machines and a disco ball, slaughtering 15 Vikings in a row during a boffer bash, Bluejay's scarf show, and sharing Tantra classes with so many loving souls. The after party was just about as fun as the camp out with a magical hammock and hilarious cartoons such as hug it out and the drinking bunny.

We also attended quite a few additional fun events like Decompression, Aphrodite and Bacchus revels, and much more. We have also been going to a lot of classes and activities including many Ecstatic Dances (where over 100 people let the music move them in a variety of fun and bizarre ways), Authentic Relating Games (where fun folks talk about deeper issues in a more connected way than the mainstream), and Sacred Sexuality among others.

My Sister’s family and Father came to visit us in Austin, which went great until my Dad broke his ankle at Enchanted Rock. We had to take him to surgery, but he is up and walking fine now. We also visited the Sherwood RenFaire and my Brother's Family in Houston along with Melanie's best friends’ wedding.

Our Ecstatic Hearts™ group is continuing to grow and is now reaching critical mass (growing of its own accord via word of mouth). It is an organization focused on creating a connected community with lots of activities or outings like swimming naked at Hippie Hollow, parties, camp outs, potlucks, dinner socials and the occasional wacky activity like 15 of us dressing up as Road Warriors to see the movie Mad Max. We also are working miracles in Tantra with over 350 people now that have taken one of our classes and we see the positive change in our community on almost a daily basis. Now teaching about 2-3 times a week. Next, we are focusing on getting corporate sponsors, an online presence, and videotaping our stuff.

Flipside: Wow! Despite the tornadoes, floods, and lightning storms, we literally had the best time of our lives camping here. (Considering that amazing fun times we have had, this is saying something). Over a dozen of our students had energetic breakthroughs. We had magical times, communed with nature, danced all night, spread energy from our dances and hugs, and laughed with the lightning. Great experiences under the jellyfish, at the circus tent, on the booming speakers, at our laughing party, and under our collapsing canopy. Made really great connections with amazing new and old friends. Overall, we were the catalyst for a camp of 30 that really came together and gelled well as a team.

In Kansas City, we gave a successful workshop and made lots of great new friends. Went to a BBQ, attended parties, danced at the ship bar. At Interfuse there, we camped at the big top with Camp What, where they had a big circus/talent/burlesque show. We had over 100 folks attended our workshops which were a huge hit. Other highlights included jello wrestling, burning ceiling art, and Melanie's sexy poetry reading. Spent a day packing up the huge tent like old fashioned carnies.

Other vacations with Melanie’s folks included cruising the Pacific to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Mazatlán. Highlights were snorkeling off the beach and whale watching. We spotted 9 whales and got within 20’ of some of them that were bigger than our entire boat.

In conclusion, I feel that Melanie and I are truly having the most exciting and productive times of our lives. We are having more fun that I imagined was possible (which if you know about my imagination is a LOT) and doing our best to share these best kept secrets of having a blissful life with others. I also feel that we are growing spiritually, feeling more connected to the divine and nature on a weekly basis. I am so thankful to be living this life that I occasionally weep with gratitude for being so blessed.

Wishing you all the wonder and joy that this life on Earth has to offer.

ScottieO and Melanie