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Our Story

Hello, this is Scott (or ScottieO- the O reminds me every day that my mission is to spread Orgasmic Oneness) and this is how Melanie and I got into Tantra:

I first heard about Tantra over 20 years ago by researching ways not to be a premature ejaculator. I was a conservative workaholic in Corporate America, and quite skeptical of Tantra and all things mystical. In fact, my first love broke up with me around that time because I did not accept how 'woo woo' she was; ironically I may be more liberal now than she was. And by the way, I would not have believed hardly anything I am about to share with you. I really thought I knew it all and now I know that I don’t truly know anything. The world is far more mysterious and magical than I thought possible.

So, I checked out a Tantra playshop, and though I thought it was a bit strange, the authentic connection I was creating with others kept me coming back. I stuck with it and did a weekend retreat that taught me the core practice of separating my orgasms from ejaculation. I got what I was looking for and so much more. However, I let being single be an excuse to stop practicing. I would continue learning and reading about Tantra and indeed went into “training for my true love” but just barely scratched the surface of what was possible with Tantra.

Then, nine years ago, I met the love of my life with Melanie and began a world wind romance with sexual experiences that defied what either of us even believed was possible. Indeed, after our first week together, we had the best sex of our lives, it was so good we thought that was as good as it would ever get. Then about a month later, it got even better. “No way, how is this possible?” I said. You see, as a couple we were able to create an energetic circle, or loop, which kept the energy building and building for hours at a time.

As our love making sessions grew longer and more energized, our orgasmic intensity increased to levels that I can only describe as magical. To give you an idea of what Tantra is like, take your best orgasmic experience ever and double the intensity, pleasure and connection of it. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine it resonating through your body. Then, double this intense bliss again. And if you can imagine it, double this profound experience yet again. Now, have this full-body, energetic, god inspiring energy moving through your body not for seconds or even minutes, but hours, and you will have some idea of what the beginning of Tantra was like for us. Plus, with all the energy moving through our bodies, amazing benefits starting showing up.

We started having more energy and endurance. Indeed, we usually had a lot more energy after making love for 12 hours than we had at the beginning. My health improved, and I rarely had any impact from Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency, which had plagued me for years. We began to be more psychic and intuitive, especially with each other. In fact, we began feeling each other’s orgasms without even touching. We started having less stress and more peace of mind. For the last 9 years, we continued to have increasingly profound experiences approximately every month that inexplicably topped what we had experienced before.

About 5 years ago, our friends took notice and began asking what our secret was to creating such a dynamic and ecstatic love life. We reluctantly began teaching to our friends and delving more into learning as much as possible from a variety of sources. After seeing the profound impact these classes had on our friends, this grew into a full-time career for both of us 4 years ago. We love it and have found our purpose in life.

And now that we were teaching and practicing regularly, things really started to get crazy. To confess, prior to teaching most of our practice involved incorporating Tantra into our lovemaking around 3-4 times a week. Now we practice daily, more profound and spiritual experiences occurred. I had a direct experience with “God”, as well as, a feeling in every atom of my body that Melanie is my soul mate. We began tapping into other people’s emotions and feelings as if we were them. We could send orgasms to each other across the room, go into spontaneous orgasm from a hug or from making sound. We could tap into simultaneous orgasms with a group by just holding hands and tapping into other people’s orgasms from 30 feet away or even in another room. We began feeling a oneness with all things, being able to have orgasms directly with the Earth and even from lightning bolts in the sky. I recently even had past life experiences open up. We are now attracting and manifesting our dreams, such as travel and abundance easily into our lives. We really feel that we are living charmed magical lives.

We now feel called and inspired to spread Ecstatic Hearts Tantra throughout the world and believe this is our life purpose and destiny. We are creating a conscious global community where we share how Tantra transforms lives, relationships and the world through empowered love, authentic self-expression, sexual freedom, passionate joy, and ecstatic living. Today, we have a core team of 6 people, and dozens of volunteers committed to spreading the joys and connection of Ecstatic Hearts™.

You too can experience the wonders of Tantra in a variety of ways. You can learn from our online classes, connect with other open minded people at Puja Parties and free social activities, delve deeply into weekend playshops, take private lessons, or even go on vacation with us to international resorts and cruises.

There is a whole other world around us that most people do not know exists. We have access to heaven on earth right here right now. We feel like we are sitting on the best biggest secret in the world and it only grows in the sharing. So, whatever is going on right now, take a moment to see how these simple and easy activities can improve your life. Please join us and experience for yourself what is possible.