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Wild Winter Wonders

ScottieO and Melanie’s Personal Update
4Q of 2017

Dear Friends: 

Wishing you freedom, love, joy, and ecstasy this Holiday Season. We have been busy beavers the last few months. The biggest news is that we have gone viral; millions of people have now seen our interviews in newspapers and videos around the world. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please take a look at what all the buzz is about and pass this along on to all your friends who may be interested.

After the amazing Couples Cruise, we introduced two new sexy friends to what a constant orgasmic state is like. We also enjoyed a fabulous Farmer's Market and wacky piano player at Hollywood’s oldest Italian Restaurant with them. We walked Hollywood's Avenue of the Stars and bought some sexy God/dess costumes. And we saw the new Bladerunner film at the Arclight where they show actual costumes from the movies there and personally greet you instead of commercials.

We had a great visit in Topanga Canyon, California with our new RealLove Reality TV Team. And then we flew to London to teach and attend the U.K. Tantra Festival. What an honor to be invited. The U.K. Festival was very different from the California version, but equally enchanting. My experience was that this community seems more reserved initially, but dives deeper quicker. We had a few juicy connections with others and were also interviewed by London’s LBC radio to make some new believers.

Melanie and I enjoyed our first romantic trip to Europe together. We spent a few days exploring London, primarily through the top of double decker buses. We visited SoHo, Chinatown, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and London Town along the river and too many other places to list. We saw the play Wicked from the back of the biggest theatre we have ever been in and had lots of unusual food that even I had never imagined before. We also visited the Royal Pavilion Pleasure Palace in Brighton which had hundreds of metal dragons, outside Indian and inside Chinese decor; have never seen anything like it and now have a new model for our future dining room. Brighton was hip, laid back, and fun.

As soon as we returned to Austin, we had our Tantra Teachers from Hawaii, Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin, fly out to facilitate Celebrating Sacred Sexuality weekend, followed by our teaching the Sexual Empowerment weekend. Our teachers and other guests from around the country stayed with us for over a week and we added even more complexity and excitement by filming everything for our Reality TV sizzle. We had a film crew of 4 people that covered 60 hours of material including some of our most intimate moments, as well as, those of our students. It is all being boiled down to a 6-minute demo that we will be presenting to the networks, as well as, some great testimonials and footage for our website.

And by the way, our new website, is up and running. We are finally happy with the design and functionality and will be continuously adding new content to make it a valuable resource for folks like you. We also have some new online Tantra courses there, so please check it out and let us know what you think.

One of the most profound experiences that happened in my life so far occurred during the filming of our sexy Halloween party. I experienced what I can only explain as my past lives. Now, I didn’t truly believe in past lives up till now, but thought that this made as much sense as Heaven/s or nothingness after death. I myself had feelings of affiliation with places and people and even skills that I could not explain in any other way, such as sword fighting and horseback riding, why I felt creeped out by Paris, but felt at home in Egypt, being Melanie’s Knight when she was a Queen, etc. Then, I had this experience.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been starting to somatically and empathically heal people spontaneously over the last few months. The more energy that I have moving through me, the more powerful the healing is and the more of other’s emotions I can feel. I have been experiencing more and more challenging and powerful emotions lately that culminated at this party. My friend was showing me how to walk on his back to heal him. I then began using my elbow and body weight to dig around his trapezius and something inspired me to go deeper and deeper. Then I felt it, a roar and rush of emotions so deep with hurt, so primal and painful, that I began screaming with everything I had. This was more pain that I have ever felt in my body before, but what was worse was the grief, the misery and suffering that I could not comprehend. Perhaps it was childhood trauma and abuse, perhaps it was from his accident he had that almost paralyzed him, perhaps it was suffering from beyond this life, or maybe it was all of these and more. After what seemed like an eternal minute of anguished heart rending roaring, I broke down sobbing and crying. I kept saying that I was so sorry for what he had suffered and we cried together. It was worth it to see and feel the release and healing that it created for him. After a little time, he began to reciprocate in doing some very intense massage work on me, that had me making bizarre sounds and movements, and was calling forth feelings I had never had before. Something opened in me. Perhaps, having never experienced such pain and suffering in this body, I went back to the only reference that I had, my past lives, the only place where I had truly experienced suffering.

Now, I don’t really know what this was. Perhaps these were my actual lives that my soul inhabited, with the same theme over and over again. Perhaps I have genetic memory in my cells that was coming forth. Perhaps I was experiencing the 5th dimension, feeling and experiencing multiple timelines simultaneously in the present. Knowing that energy is not bound by time and space, it makes sense that this can be used as a vehicle to experience that past. All I know is that it felt very real, just as real as any memories I have of this life in this body.

I started saying, I had killed people in my past lives, and believed it was true. I broke down crying, experiencing grief and shame the likes of which I did not know existed. I knew that I had lived many, many lives, always a warrior. I had always been a champion of light, spreading the word of God/s, fighting for my people, my lord/lady, and my family. I was a chivalrous and valiant protector, regaled as a hero and the epitome of what to strive for at the time. I led armies. I had power. At times I had fame. More often I had pain. I endured hardships beyond counting. I experienced loss and deep suffering.

And then it hit home, never had I suffered as much pain and grief, as that which I experienced just now in my friend. Then feeling the resonance of this pain, I realized with sudden clarity that this suffering is what every one of my kills has caused, both in that person and worse in all the lives of those whom loved him or her left behind. The enormous weight of knowing that I had caused this countless times hit me like a brick. Indeed, that all of my previous lives had inadvertently been dedicated to creating this kind of suffering caused me to weep anew. I felt such shame, so much shame. I didn’t know until now what this feeling really was. At some level, I released pent up stress, urgency, discomfort and unknown suffering that I have been carrying around in this body my whole life and that had built up from all my previous ones. And there was another simultaneous thought that saved me from utter despair.

I realized with vivid clarity that this life was the first one I have yet had in which I did not need to kill. That in this and all future lives, I get to truly be a champion for peace and love. This was the life where I shifted the pattern towards truly creating peace and love. And I wept with gratitude. That the world is finally ready to evolve out of its cycles of suffering; that I get to be a part of what makes this happen. I realized the paradox that I had both “good” and “evil” within me and indeed it is within all of us. I now know that I have eons of momentum to carry me forth in my battle to make the world a better place. I have been in training a very long time to forge the skills that are needed here and now.

A few days later, I did a hypnotic past life regression with the Lessin’s whom helped me continue the healing process from the past and clearing of my Karma. I now better recognize people whom I knew in the past and better remember my experiences from then. For example, Melanie and I have been lovers and soul mates throughout the ages. People have said I have changed from this experience. Indeed, I feel more grounded and present than I ever have before. I have been told that I am softer, that my urgent edge has lessened. I believe that up to now I have felt driven to be successful, to end suffering on this planet, that it was giving me a dire urgency all my life that I didn’t quite understand. Now, I feel that if I don’t take care of it fully in this lifetime, I have all future lifetimes to handle it. Now I get to be pulled by inspiration vs. pushed. I believe there is something greater than me at work, that we have a destiny to fulfill that we are consciously constantly co-creating. I know that there is goodness in even the seemingly worst people. That there is purpose in suffering, even if I don’t fully understand it. I know that death is temporary or even an illusion and that we are all more powerful than we realize. And, most of this was caught on camera, which I believe will be a catalyst for other’s awakening.

Moving on, for Thanksgiving, we stayed home in Austin and celebrated with Melanie’s family and then we were off again to Desire in Cancun Mexico. Desire was a blast with dress up theme parties every night, sexy hot tubing and being naked on the beach. We taught at both the Riviera Maya and Pearl locations; the food was great and the staff very gracious. And the best part was all the fabulous people we connected with there and look forward to getting to know better. I highly recommend these resorts and will keep you posted the next time we go there.

When we returned from Desire, we immediately took off to DC to see if we could teach Tantra to some of our country’s movers and shakers. This met with limited success businesswise (though I had some great brainstorming), but we enjoyed doing all the touristy things to do in DC. The museums are free, so we visited the Natural History and many Art Museums, various Gardens and Sculpture exhibits, as well as, almost all of the Memorials on the Mall. We even visited the Zoo at night while in snowed, though most of the animals were in hiding; they had some special holiday lights to make it more festive. Beautiful buildings were everywhere as we walked and Ubered throughout. The National Botanical Gardens and the Gem/Mineral exhibit at the Smithsonian were my favorites.

For the holidays, we will be in Austin and Tyler to be with our families and take a breath before diving out in to the world again. The This Morning Show is flying us out to London in a couple of weeks for an in-person follow up of our previous interview.

What's Next: If you would like to join us at any of our future endeavors, these are our current plans:

  • London:
  •  second week of January. We plan to have a Puja party in addition to our interview, details TBD.
  • Freezerburn, Jan. 12-15

th: we did not get tickets this year and will likely be in London during this time anyway, but our community is still planning on having the Ecstatic Hearts™ temple at this local camping event.

 We plan to attend a Tribal Tantra training there the month of March (call me for details if interested) then visiting Bali Spirit Fest afterwards.

Then, we are very excited to be presenting our own Tantric Resort Getaway: if you have never had a Tantric vacation, come check out what you have been missing. Imagine exploring all the great things Bali has to offer with people that you will become best friends with, see how sexy this adventure can get with Tantra permeating every aspect of paradise.

  • Tantra Tuesdays:

 We will resume presenting regular weekly Tantra Talks at 6pm every Tuesday for around 20-30 minutes with a different topic each week on Facebook Live.

Well, that’s it for this letter. Look forward to staying in touch and hearing how you have been doing. So don’t be shy, let us hear from you too.

With passion and blessings,

ScottieO and Melanie