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Outrageous Orgasmic Oneness

ScottieO and Melanie McClure’s 2018 Second Half Update

This is the most amazing year of my life, in a truly extraordinary existence. I have come to expect miracles on a regular basis. And, I find myself quite often reveling in the best day of my life, wondering how anything can possibly be better than this…and then it happens, over and over and over again. I have my non-miracle days to be sure, but I feel like my life overall keeps growing exponentially better and that all of our lives are soon going to improve dramatically. At the risk of sounding crazy, I am going to be transparent with some highlights of the last few months of Melanie’s and my lives.


We had an amazing time teaching our sold out weekend playshops, Path to Ecstasy, Sexual Empowerment, and Unleash Your Ecstasy retreat. Our Level 2 retreat was truly extraordinary; I personally felt more love in a weekend than I ever have before. It was such a success, that the Level 3 retreat filled past capacity within 24 hours of the Level 2 completing. I feel that we have grown quite a bit as teachers and now my focus is to become an extraordinary author to share the insights we have accumulated.

The most exciting project I have ever undertaken is currently underway, which is a movie. My great friend who is a script writer and I are writing the book and making a film that we believe will change the culture of our planet. We are presenting Tantra and Mindfulness in a format that mainstream Americans can digest, a romantic comedy fiction theatrical release loosely based on our lives. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about this grand vision.


We also of course managed to squeeze in quite a bit of playtime. Haunted houses and Twisted Krumpus Christmas, Festivals and Concerts of Lights and Sounds, Schlitterbahn and Sexiness. We traveled to the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Vegas, and San Diego, picked up friends along the way and brought a couple back home to Austin with us. We taught for the first time at the California Tantra Festival, where I experienced my first heart and throat gasms, as well as, orgasm from the sun after a moving meditation among 30 other naked writhing oily bodies. We journeyed to Elsewhere again and connected deeply with nature, where I frolicked naked in the woods, danced barefoot in the fields, sang and rolled around in the flowers with the butterflies, and had amazing insights on how to improve the world.


We also taught for the first time at Stargate to the Cosmos, a convention of alien experiencers, multidimensional beings, super secret space soldiers, chanellers, seers, and all things otherworldly. We went from being the strangest people in an outrageous community, to the most normal people in the playground. Learned a ton that blew my mind. From over 50 UFO sightings while we were there to ancient artifacts 6,000 years old with aliens on them, the array of testimonials, photos, videos, and other evidence showed us that there just may be more going on than even I imagined. Personally, I did an alternate dimension hypnotic regression, where I saw Melanie as a High Priestess of a Egyptianlike Sexy religion and I was her Priest/Sex Slave along with a handful of other men who both served her and administered an entheogen to massive sacred orgies.


Oh, and of course we hosted and attended many more parties! From strategy game nights to naughty Jenga, cookouts and campouts, we also added an outdoor heating unit, house wide stereo system, and a new hot tub. Notable Tantra parties included “Nostalgic Sex Games from the 80s” where I recreated my high school angst with hours of classic games such as, secrets, poor pussy(cat), monkey see monkey do, massage madness, change clothes in the closet, striptease contest to special songs, 7 minutes in heaven (turned into 15), honeysuckle surprise, and blowjobs (we just blew air on each other you dirty minded folks). And for those curious, we are coming out with a Sexy Tantra Playguide in the near future to enliven other’s parties and love lives.


We also had a party where I had my first Timegasm, I was innocently hugging a couple of friends good night around 2am and we all started experiencing “time travel” of sorts together, while hugging we remembered knowing each other in many previous lives. So caught up in the experience we were that we would alternate between crying from the joy of remembering our lost souls, to laughing and the ludicrousness of it, to feeling the different flavors of orgasms through the ages (i.e. Medieval, Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.). And if that wasn’t wild enough, at the next party, we had our first Housegasm; everyone in the house (multiple bedrooms and two stories) got caught up in the same orgasmic energy wave screaming at the same time. One couple was 2 blocks away taking a walk getting some air and they heard our scream (all from inside this time) reverberating throughout the neighborhood. The vibration was so intense, we shattered the light bulb and lighting fixture from the ceiling with glass exploding everywhere.

Our tantra community continues to evolve as our experiences as a whole get more expansive, spiritual and connected into oneness. At our “Sexy Pow Party”, my timegasms partners and I remembered our first human lives together; we also recognized that one was my original spiritual father and other original spiritual mother for thousands of years. I also remembered that Rainbow was my first spiritual daughter. I also had an experience of remembering/channeling a man who was the first Tantrica; he brought the message that orgasm was a direct access to the divine. I was then punished over multiple lives by the priest kings of the times. They repressed the message, disguised it as fire; my name was Prometheus. The next day I discovered the book Stealing Fire, I recommend it as a great read.


At both parties, people had profound spiritual and Kundalini awakenings, energetic dragon dances, miraculous experiences, and vegetable platters. One person remembered that he was the original Djedi, a sect of the priesthood that protected the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt; this ancient order of knights used the symbol of the caduceus which represents Tantric energy. Dj denotes serpent and Djed means column, so a Djedi was a title given to one whose Kundalini energy rose up his spine, Djedi also means immortality, a rumored gift of this discipline. Their wisdom and supernatural feats inspired the more famous Knight Templars over a thousand years later.


At yet another party, I experienced oneness with all things. A few of us achieved (what we believe anyway) to be an understanding of the nature of the Universe. We solved all the world’s problems by realizing, remembering and feeling that we created them all for the purpose of learning love and discovering who we are.


We have been more actively and openly exploring intimate relationships with others, enjoying the juicy spice it brings to all of our lives. We reunited with our friend from Flipside who has become romantically interested in Rainbow. Melanie and I have delighted in playing naughty cupids inspiring greater heights of tasty tantalizingness. He may very well move in around Valentine’s Day 2019.


One of the most amazing things about Tantra is how it completely turns my world view upside down every month or so in my evolution of self discovery. So, to summarize, let’s go down the rabbit hole. My journey this year, began with knowing with certainty that my soul is eternal. I already have had so many experiences feeling the divine all around me, being out of my body, and experiencing direct connection with God that I knew this to be true and felt it to the core of my being. I began recognizing that we are all connected; I not only could feel the visceral energy of others (even orgasming together with multiple people in different rooms), I began thinking their thoughts, feeling their feelings (anyone out there watch Sense8 on Netflix?). We are all psychics and empaths (most of us just haven’t noticed it yet) and energy opens the way. Then, I began remembering my past lives (which I didn’t really believe in previously by the way), some of which were clearer than my actual memory of yesterday, like when my children were murdered in Medieval Paris during war. I healed my karma and understood forgiveness, acceptance, and love at entirely new levels. I then encountered other friends whom we mutually recognized from past lives and experienced 5th dimensional travel together. I understood that there are many of us whose souls are linked and we tend to reunite in life after life, learning and teaching each other evolving as soul pods. My friends helped heal me, awaken me, and love me, reminding me that I have never been alone. I then remembered my first life on Earth and realized that all of time and all of my lives’ lessons may be experienced in the eternal now. I then went from being a victim to past suffering to realizing that I chose all of my “pain and suffering”; I remembered experiencing myself as a being of light choosing to live a series of human lives in their entirety all for the purpose of understanding love. We only understand something by experiencing its opposite (and a trinity view gives us a full perspective). I created a play of countless millennia, chose the roles I wanted to experience, my friends I wanted to play with, and we jumped into the great game knowing that we would forget we created it. I realized that the unpredictable diversity of challenges and unforeseen drama and even trauma, was what made life so exciting and worthy of experiencing.


I later experienced myself as a multi-dimensional being, realizing that I have always been aware of living multiple lives simultaneously; what I thought of as my fantasy lives for the last 20 years (meticulously documented on hundreds of spreadsheets) may in fact be reality. Science and math has proven after all that there are many dimensions (at least 13) beyond our direct experience. One of my teachers told me whatever I can imagine exists in some dimension, every dream is real; it is just a matter of where our consensual realities meet that determines how we interact in the “truth”.


Then, I had the experience of being at the beginning of all life on Earth, experiencing all suffering and disconnection of separation from the perspective of all beings, all for the purpose of increasing the magnetic force of love towards oneness and understanding self. That is what love is, the pull towards unity that all beings feel. I experienced that I was all beings and that all beings are me. I also saw our glorious future and that we are at a cosmic shift of awakening, transforming into an age of love, joy and bliss the likes of which cannot currently be imagined by most sentients. I remembered when we were all one and chose to separate to know ourselves. I felt the growth of awareness as we sank into the abyss and the ecstatic pull of love and as we drew ourselves back to oneness. I experienced living and dying a trillion times all to know love. I experienced our future as oneness again, but this time overflowing with all the juicy experiences of life, beauty, joy, pleasure, love, (aware now of the why). For a few minutes, I experienced being every cell of everything, recognizing that it was and always has been me. I believe we are all divine and that we are all one. I believe God is how we define all, that God is the miracle of consciousness, that God is the irresistible all powerful force of love. And orgasm, by the way, is the contraction and expansion of love at it’s highest vibration. So, we can continue to learn and grow through slow suffering or we can evolve more quickly and joyfully through orgasm; they are equally valid options. I for one will now choose the quickest route back to love, enjoying every resistance and challenge along the way as a blessing. Now, I revel in the beauty of every sacred moment as a celebration of the evolution of all, in the eternal now. And I must say, the biggest surprise we had in choosing to be human, is that we vastly underestimated just how amazingly fantastic life can be.

With love and desire to connect again soon,

ScottieO and Melanie McClure

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