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Procrastination, Profundity, and Play

2018 First Half Update

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for this life and so grateful that you are in it! I apologize for the ridiculously late update letter (meant to send out July 4), but I have been so busy living that I kept getting distracted from writing about it (but better late than never). Rest assured, my procrastination in no way reflects my appreciation and gratitude for your friendship; my connection with you, my friends, is truly one of my greatest treasures. Ironically, I have been writing a lot for our upcoming books, one of which we are making into a movie (more on that later.) So, let’s go back to January.

Kicked off the New Year with a private Red Puja Party. And we have been attending or having at least one sexy party every month since then. Frankly, the timing of what happened at which party blurs together, but many of my most amazing memories this year come from these events, the details of which are both too lengthy and too naughty to go into here. If you have been to one, I don’t need to describe the amazing intimate connections, sensual pleasures (like vegetable platters), hilarious hijinks, and cosmic oneness that ensue. If you want to come to one and have not been invited yet, please let me know. Otherwise, feel free to use your imagination until the books and movie come out that will reveal all (people’s names will be changed of course to protect their confidentiality).

Had the pleasure of visiting our friends’ retreat at Elsewhere. Had various dinner socials, Satsangs, Pujas, game nights, dances, parties and Monday Night Maddnesses at Main Event. I had my first driving accident ever, which totaled our HHR, the Rose Warrior. Moment of silence for her valiant service…she will be missed. Luckily we walked away relatively unscathed (Melanie had a little whiplash), as I 360ed between various cars at 70 mph through 3 lanes, bounced off a wall and pirouetted back across three lanes of traffic missing all the cars. Also, luckily, a week earlier my Dad generously gifted us with a new Nissan Versa. Thanks Dad!

We shuffled through a few housemates till we found a keeper. Rainbow feels like a long lost family member who now works with Ecstatic Hearts™ and we cherish her already as one of our best friends. Along with our other long-term housemate, we have the cats Angelo and Lucky Luke (who likes to cuddle with our bunny) Princess Buttercup, and dogs Turner, Franny, and Gizmo (whom was recently dubbed Orgismo by our sexy Spanish speaking friends for his Tantric enthusiasm).

My health has been good overall, and I have had some periods of feeling tired or being ill (mainly from CFIDS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), so exploring ways to have more perfect health. Been playing with 10 day health challenges, adjusting sleep schedule, eating smoothies and cooking more at home, doing daily meditation affirmations and visualizations, using miracle mineral solution CBD oils and host of vitamins and herbs, exploring more homeopathic remedies, getting lots of massages and some chiropractic treatments, eating organic whenever possible, and slowly converting my metabolism and taste buds over to being a vegetarian. Getting ready to do more detoxing and colonics. I am still healthier than the average bear, but want to feel superhuman; any suggestions out there, please send my way.

We taught our Path to Ecstasy weekend which was a big success. We launched a new online version of Sexual Empowerment, which is our highest quality online product so far. Finished pre-edit for our Reality TV Show sizzle and then decided to go in a different direction; so, we are putting that project on hold. One of our employees moved on to another gig, but we added four new people to the Ecstatic Hearts™ management team (CMO, CTO, Marketing Manager, and Visionary Catalyst), plus getting support from a movie star Stylist, political PR Consultant, Editor, Photographers, Script Writer, Producer, Masseuses, and others as needed. And we are blessed with a host of supportive and loving volunteers that we could not fully function without. Thank you so much for everyone who has contributed to making Ecstatic Hearts™ a success!

In February, we took a White Tantra course in which everyone wore white including head coverings. Over 100 of us were doing simple but rigorous postures sitting in straight lines with the men facing the women. Holding these postures became fairly intense and even painful after a comparatively “short” 30 min pose. Then, we made a slight adjustment and held that pose for a half hour, and then another. After lunch, we repeated all over again. I hate to admit it, but I did not finish to the end; my wrist was injured for days and I could not maintain the postures after a few hours, which became torturous. I did, however, have visuals of traveling through various scenery and was feeling surging Krias from all the energy in the room. Melanie and I decided that though potentially powerful, this type of Tantra was not a fit for us; after all, we can create similar or more powerful results much easier, quicker, and pleasurably. Though suffering is a

great teacher, I believe evolving through orgasms is more fun.

The next day we presented at Austin Empowered Now, a conglomeration of conscious sexuality and intimacy presenters. I learned some great lessons and made some new friends.

The next day, we were off to Bali for our six week Tribal Tantra intensive and vacation. The trip literally took two days to get there (not counting the time changes) and was an adventure in itself. In the Sydney airport, we ate at a Sushi restaurant with a conveyer belt that delivered fun dishes. We then stayed in Bali the entire month of March into April. Attended a 30 day Tribal Tantra retreat with 36 amazing sexy people (all but 5 of whom are younger than me). We went deeply within and explored Bali’s culture without.

We visited the interactive Monkey Forest with 6 tribes of over 700 monkeys (no cages, they walk around on you occasionally), the Sacred Water Temple to wash away aspects of ourselves we don’t want and to cleanse our Chakras, and a Mask Maker who is the local village priest. We had a fire ceremony and were blessed by one of Bali’s 20k priests, and daily offerings of flowers and gifts are scattered everywhere by everyone. Every family and business has a temple, every village of 400 people has 3 temples, and the country has major temples on the islands ley lines. This is an extraordinarily spiritual and beautiful place where every building, home, and garden is a work of art, as a form of prayer. We also attended some of their festivals like the blessing of metal where all the vehicles were covered in flower offerings and their New Year, where they parade thousands of huge paper mache demons, called Uga Ugas, through the streets to burn (everyone from kids to elderly work on them for months prior), followed by 24 hours of silence and no lights so the evil spirits don’t come back (they ticket you if you are outside your home and even shut down the Internet.) It was refreshing to experience a culture so different than ours. We enjoyed their food quite a bit, with quite a range of diversity. Just our fruit was an alien delight including Passion fruit, Mangostene, Snake Fruit, Rhambutin, Durian, Jack Fruit, and Dragon Fruit. We ate a predominantly vegetarian diet, exercised and meditated daily.

We did lots of dancing, yoga, meditations, discussions, rituals, and other cool Tantra stuff. Some of the breakthroughs we had included deepening our relationship, improving our communication, healing past trauma from previous lives and old wounds from this one, feeling the wounded feminine on our planet and adding healing it as a part of our mission, hearing messages directly from the Earth, and learning to deeply forgive, accept, and love ourselves and others.

After the retreat, we stayed at a hotel outside the forest, where monkeys would come play outside our room in the morning and even stole Melanie’s hot sauce off our table while eating. We explored a variety of fascinating stores and restaurants (the majority were vegetarian). Then, we went to the coast to snorkel and relax on the beach. One of my favorite activities was riding a moped into the mountains as a “local”. Great scenery abounded, including the still smoking volcano a few miles away that had erupted a few months earlier. We explored some amazing temples, then headed over to the Gili Islands. While Bali has it’s own unique religion and culture, Gili was more traditional Indonesian and Islamic. We stayed there a few days, where my favorite activity was getting massages (they are really inexpensive there). On our way back (took 3 days), we stopped in the new Korean airport Icheon for a few hours where they had a cultural center (dragon dances, twirlers, and musicians), a sleeping room, a digital gym, and even excursions to an artistic casino where they gave us lunch and money to gamble with.. all for free!

Next, we had various trips to Houston and Tyler, and went to activities like Eeyore’s birthday, but my favorite event was Burning Flipside; this 4 day radical self expression campout was EPIC this year, with a lot of powerful orgasmic experiences and truly deep connections. We made some great new friends and reconnected intimately with many friends from the past. Our camp was the largest yet with lots of whirling fans built into the structure and it was the busiest that it has ever been, with lots of great compliments of how empowering, exciting and friendly it felt. We had new additions to our group, one of whom we bonded with closely, gave a new name, and took great delight in opening to a myriad of new experiences. Our new experiences included our a new type of quickie, yoni energy circle of 7, double bronco riding, bullhorn compliments, and finding the secret message in the Effigy “revel in these shadows and light”. We also had one of our original students send five of us into simultaneous orgasms just with a wave of his hands (he was after all wearing my gloves). We were still buzzing for weeks afterwards.

The best event that occurred in June, was a party in Houston, where we played all night, swam, met lots of new friends, and connected more deeply and intimately with current ones. Two of our new friends had energy running through them even longer than we did and they have not even done Tantra with us yet. We also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our new friend from Flipside a lot better and then missed him for many months.

So, as amazing and fantastic as the best year of our life started out, believe it or not it, it got even

better (and it’s not even over yet, oh boy oh boy oh boy). Stay tuned till next month, when you

will hear the rest of the story….

ScottieO and Melanie