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Full Body Multiple Orgasms begin with Orgasm Control

A Tantra Talk

What is an orgasm? Merriam-Webster defines an orgasm as an intense excitement: rapid pleasurable release of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in a male and by vaginal contractions in a female. With Tantra, this can be experienced in a variety of ways and incorporates energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful creative force there is. With practice, we can learn to generate sexual energy in a variety of ways beyond the genitals and use this energy not only to manifest extraordinary orgasms, but use these orgasms to develop internal integration and peace, greater health and stamina, more presence and mindfulness, and deep loving connections with others and the divine.

Let's take a deeper look at full body orgasms, multiple orgasms and going into a prolonged orgasmic state. What is a full body orgasm? Full body orgasms are when you experience orgasmic energy running through your full body.

What most people think of an orgasm is a brief climatic release that is centered in their genitals. It’s like a genital sneeze. It only lasts for a few seconds and then it is done. Oftentimes you work the whole sex session to get there, then poof it happens and you are done. Then you are tired and worn out. Full body orgasms are what happens when we learn to awaken our energetic bodies, to awaken our bliss states, to let the ecstatic energy of love, connection, bliss and orgasm move through our whole bodies. The thing with full body orgasms is they can originate from any part of our bodies. So it doesn’t have to be just our genitals any more that bring us such great bliss. We can even experience full body orgasms as a purely energetic experience without any touch being involved. Of course we still like touch being involved because our love language is touch. There is just so much more out there.

The great thing about full body orgasms is it energizes us! The more and longer we have full body orgasms, the more energy we get and the longer we are able to stay in love making.

So what are multiple orgasms and how does an orgasmic state tie into that?

There are two different kinds of orgasms. There are distinct orgasms where you can count them. Then there is the extended orgasmic state where the orgasmic energy is continuously flowing through your body for an extended length of time. You can measure it by time versus counting individual orgasms. They can also go hand in hand. You can have distinct orgasms within an extended orgasmic state. Talk about blending orgasms and orgasm types. There are all kinds of ways to blend and mesh orgasms from all over your body and all the different types of orgasms.

I know this sounds crazy. I wouldn’t have believed it until it started happening to myself. Most people can’t even comprehend what we are talking about. Basically, take your best orgasm ever and instead of making it last for seconds, make it last for a prolonged period of time.

For guys they typically get excited, then they pass the point of no return and ejaculate and get worn out. Then they are basically done with having sex and may want to roll over and go to sleep. What we practice in Tantra is separating orgasm from ejaculation. Men weren’t taught this growing up, but orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. Men can have powerful full body orgasms and long lasting orgasmic states without ejaculating. In fact you can’t get there if you don’t learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, because the ejaculation short circuits the process, takes all your energy and then you are done. So what we are doing here is we get excited, but before we get to the point of no return, you have an energetic orgasm. It may take a little oomph out and it may level off a bit, but then you right back into building it even more. You can have another orgasm and another orgasm and you are being multi-orgasmic. Each orgasm gets more exciting than the last. You may then choose to have an ejaculatory orgasm. But since you juiced the energy out first, when you ejaculate you come down in energy a bit, but you remain energized and you can enjoy sex again in a short time if you like. You can choose to stay in an intimate sensual romantic space with each other and keep the energy running. Then your sexual energy can build and build and build on itself keeping you going all night long. When you build your sexual and orgasmic energy high enough, you can start having orgasmic experiences with the Divine. You can actually feel Divine love entering your body and circulating with your own energy making your experience completely magical.

How to do this?

Whether you are wanting to have full body orgasms multiple orgasms, or have a prolonged orgasmic state, it all starts the same way. For men this is controlling your ejaculation. For ladies it’s surrendering to your bliss and helping your man to last longer.

For us ladies having partners who can last longer in bed is really helpful for being able to reach orgasm, experience multiple orgasms and achieve extended orgasmic states together. When we are able to sync with our partners and feel their bodies as our own and their orgasm as our own, it helps us to be on the same wavelength and to be able to work with them better in helping to have longer stamina. Ladies also have to be willing to pause and hold still and give our partners a chance to regain control. We need to be unattached to the orgasmic outcome and wanting to make our partner ejaculate.

The four keys to achieve the best orgasms ever are: practice, breath, pelvic floor control, and focus.

First it takes practice.

It’s good to practice solo with self pleasuring. It’s good to know your own body and be fully in control of your own body. Self pleasuring helps to maintain juiciness and learn how to last longer and longer. Practice being in your body feeling your body. Practice using the various techniques. For guys you want to feel and be sensitive to where you are on the arousal scale. It’s important to know especially for men when you are nearing the point of no return so you can slow down, pause, practice a transmutation breathe, before continuing. And of course practice, practice, practice with our partners as well.

The second key is to breathe.

Start off with simple breathing practice of breathing deep full body breathes and releasing each breath with a sound. Expand your stomach as you breathe in deeply through your whole body. A simple way to get in sync with your partner is to breathe deeply together and tone together with each exhale, letting whatever sound come out. Breathing more rapidly builds the energy up, breathing long slow breathes calms the energy down and helps with releasing orgasmic energy. Breathing deeply helps to move the orgasmic energy through your whole body.

The third secret is exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

Your pc muscles are the muscles on the pelvic floor that surround your sex. Relaxing and contracting these muscles helps to control the urethra sphincter and the control or urine. These muscles are all wrapped up around our clit and vaginal canal as well. So squeezing and relaxing these muscles really helps with sensitivity and strength in your pelvic floor. There are several pelvic floor practices designed to increase awareness, sensitivity and strength to various parts of the pelvic floor. The easiest practice we recommend for starting out is to simply practice on the toilet consciously controlling the flow of urine. This is a great indicator as to how healthy and strong these muscles are. You should be able to easily turn your stream on and cut it off at will without dribbling. It may take some practice to develop sensitivity and awareness here, so start with that practice. If you have problems stopping the stream even with some practice, you should probably get checked out by your doctor as this can be a indication of a larger health problem. Once you are familiar with that practice you can move on to Vajroli Mudra.

Vajroli Mudra

Begin by bringing awareness and attention to the front of the pelvic floor at your urethra sphincter. For ladies this is also where our clit is and our clit pulses when we contract and relax here. For men this is behind your balls in the taint area at the base of your cock.

Pulse by relaxing and contracting this sphincter. Now breathe in imagining a silver stream of energy entering through this point and moving up your body as you pulse. Hold the breathe, then exhale out your mouth with a sigh.

Repeat at least 3 times.

The last tip is Focus.

Focus on feeling your feelings, sensations, emotions while you are making love. Paying attention to your whole body and opening up to your emotions during the lovemaking really enhances the overall experience and helps it to become a full body orgasmic experience full of love and tons of juicy goodness.

The things you want to focus on are the sensations in your body in the present moment. Using witness consciousness, you can become sensitized to the subtleties of your body’s energy, as well as, where you are in your climax cycle. Knowing when your body is close to ejaculating is necessary in order to know when to breathe and visualize energy moving up your spine. Practicing meditations that keep you in the present moment are also good for maintaining awareness of both your body and your partner. Energy also magnifies and opens up emotions that may be trapped in your body. Fully feel whatever you are experiencing and then bring your focus and attention back to love and the things you are grateful for in your partner. By bringing our focus back to love it increases the connection between our hearts and sexual chakras and enhances our feeling of connection to others and the world. The most fulfilling and healthy form of sex is when it is done in union with love.

by Melanie and Scott McClure