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How to Write a Love Letter

How do I love thee so, let me count the ways .....

Writing love letters to the people we love, adore, and appreciate in our lives is an ancient art form that is still so relevant today. When was the last time you picked up pen and paper and actually hand wrote a love note?

I’m blessed with a hubby who is eloquent in the art of writing love notes. I never received love notes before from anyone else ever. It’s just another reminder of how my love is the one. So for those of you have never written or received a love note before, it can seem a bit daunting and challenging being eloquent on paper. Let me tell you how really easy it is to write a note to your loved one.

Writing a love note really is just as easy as counting the ways you love someone. Think about what you love, adore and appreciate about your person. List each point out as eloquently as you can or simply write:


Dear Lover, (insert their name)

I love …..

I appreciate …

I adore …

Thank you for …

I admire … 


Your name

Example love note filled in:

Dear ScottiO,

I really appreciate all the hard work you do on a daily basis. I’m thankful you work so hard on our business. I appreciate all the times you cook me healthy and yummy meals helping to care for me and nurture me. I enjoy spending so much quality time with you always. I admire how you are constantly devoted to self-improvement and being the best you can be. I think you are truly divine. You light up my world. I appreciate all the small acts of service you do for me like bringing me a glass of water or my food, and helping me with all the little things I ask for help with. I’m so lucky you are my match in every way. I feel more in love with you daily.

Love xoxo,


So as you can see love notes are largely about seeing the person and letting them know what you love about them and why you love them. And even if you write a hundred love notes over the course of your relationship, your partner will never tire of hearing why you love them even if the reasons stay the same. You can make the list short or as long as you can possibly think of a reason you love someone. Also you can write love notes to other people in your life besides just your lover. Your parents, your children, your best friend, special occasion cards. Everyone enjoys hearing why they are loved, adored and appreciated by someone else. It helps us to feel seen, understood, loved and appreciated.

So get to writing that love note today. And yes in our world of social media you may also send these notes via messenger or writing it publicly on Facebook. Just remember there is something magical about handwritten notes and they can be saved and treasured for a long time to come.