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    Ecstatic Hearts'™ Mission is to Empower all People through Tantric Yoga and Mindfulness to Create an Extraordinary Universe filled with Peaceful Harmony, Healthy Energy, Orgasmic Bliss, and Unconditional Love.


    ScottieO McClure is the founder and primary instructor and coach of Ecstatic Hearts™. He is an internationally-renowned Tantra Teacher and best-selling Author who has touched millions of lives with his message of love. He has personally supported thousands of students manifesting their deepest desires, especially in their love lives with both wisdom of the ancients and modern self-evolvement techniques. He uses retreats, playshops, one-on-one coaching, and online trainings to improve every aspect of their students' lives so they are truly living with juicy excitement. 


    He has an MBA and BBA, with backgrounds in business, teaching, personal development, massage, and dance. ScottieO is a best-selling co-author of “Passion: Living the Life You Love”, and featured in two films "The Answer to Everything" and "The Answer to Health". Ecstatic Hearts™ were recently featured on the Learning Channel, Daily News, Netflix, Men and Women’s Health and the New York Post. The recent interviews in London and Germany have helped raise consciousness and connection of millions of people and his message of love continues to grow.

  • Teacher Profiles

    Here are the awesome co-facilitators of Ecstatic Hearts™

    Dala and Sita

    Dala and Sita celebrate each moment as an opportunity for love and transformation. Dala has studied yoga, movement, and meditation for many years, and Sita has a degree in psychology, with particular interests in sociology and trauma therapy. Upon discovering that Tantra offered an integrating framework and gateway to accelerate spiritual awakening, they founded Ecstatic Hearts™ Houston. Both have a passion for helping others and believe in Tantra's ability to awaken and catalyze the spiritual paths of others by providing access to the highest mystic truth.

    Kat Fleming

    Kat Fleming is an advocate of heart expansion. She is a transpersonal, somatic, and integration coach. She aspires to activate, nourish, and enrich the mind, body, and spirit. She helps people recognize their profound beauty, view the world with wonder, and live with courage and authenticity. She is an enthusiast of movement, philosophy, and consciousness exploration. She works both locally and internationally as a tantrika, community leader, and workshop extraordinaire.

    Pratim Patil

    Pratim aka “Naughty Monkey” is a serious student of the discipline of Divine Playfulness. The daily practice of GAIASETS™ and Cosmic Cobra Breath for 3 years has helped him surrender his small-self plans to the divine flow and enjoy the ride, both ups and downs, and create a life beyond his wildest imaginations. So he is passionate about sharing it with others for the benefit of all beings.

    Alice Velado

    Her name is Alice Velado, a magical woman who embraced the goldfish as her spirit animal. Despite her forgetting your name, she comes with a journey that brings peace and clarity amongst the chaos that we experience in this world. Prior to 2012, Alice actually lived her life as a man with a mindful of lurking secrets that challenged the social norms. It was only till she met her wife that healing began. He had a chance to explore the gender spectrum only to come out as a butterfly that embraces the power of feminine energy. Now divorced and embracing her new life as a spiritual healer and Tantrika, Alice is now involved with advocating for men who are inclusive to dating trans women and has grown her Facebook group “Supporting Men Who Date Trans Women” to over 1000+ members. She now seeks to continue an outward conversation by creating a voice for those in non-conforming relationships and the lessons learned in the dance between the feminine and masculine energy.

    Briana Cribeyer

    Briana was born under the full moon in the Midwest of the United States as the youngest daughter of a high priestess. She grew up eavesdropping on the creation of rituals and ceremonies of the sacred. She talked to plants and animals and listened deeply to their messages. Years later, fleeing the Midwest, she found wisdom in the mountains and forests of Colorado, New Hampshire, Washington-- and living abroad in Japan and throughout South America. In that time, she absorbed the ways of the elders and began to craft her connection back to the mother (earth) and womb medicine through movement, prayer, and shamanic practice.


    Beginning her career in social services and education, leading to non-profit management, Briana wove the thread of a desire to serve throughout each step along her path. She sees all of her past careers as energy work, supporting individuals and groups to find their own power to heal. With degrees in Sociology, a focus on ‘Race, Culture, Power,’ and Sexual Behavior, as well as Natural Resources, focusing on sustainability, Briana brings humility of leadership and objectivity to board rooms, corporate offices, private sessions with couples, and family mediating alike.


    She is the founder of Sacred Sexuality Rising, a lead trainer for Intuitive Tantra, speaker for The Ohio State University on the topic of sacred sexuality, and facilitator with ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts. She believes that deep and radical love, coupled with ownership and self-responsibility will shift the trajectory of humans on the planet.

  • Values of Ecstatic Hearts™

    Bold Leadership

    • Embody the benevolent, confident, conscious leader the world needs you to be now.
    • Courageously feel fully your deepest emotions and face your greatest fears.
    • Exhilarate outside your comfort zone by constantly stretching your beliefs and edges.
    • Inspire self and others to follow their highest and greatest good.
    • Empower creative global solutions using long-term, wise vision and effective altruism.
    • Behave gallantly, honoring other’s choices, desires, and boundaries.
    • Maximize integrity with your word and live from responsibility for all.
    • Be raw, real, and transparent about everything; Vulnerability is your greatest strength.

    Ecstatic Enthusiasm

    • Radiate love with all your heart, feel ALL your emotions and sensations fully; strive to be moved to tears and laughter daily.
    • Have an Attitude of Gratitude, especially around challenges; Marvel at the wonder, majesty, and beauty all around us, while fully experiencing it.
    • Live in the glorious unfolding awe of the ever-present, NOW.  The only thing that is real is Love in the present moment.
    • Focus your attention on what is working and you want without attachment; where attention goes, energy flows, and results follow.  Be optimistic about our future.
    • Manifest and Motivate Miracles.  You are magic, you are connected to the divine.
    • Pursue your life’s calling and purpose, listen for divine inspiration and passion; the greatest joy is spreading joy in others.
    • Be Free and fully self-expressed. Let nothing stop you. It is OK to be Outrageous.
    • Choose curiosity over criticism. Discover all that is available, then decide what you like.
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously, know that we are currently human and make mistakes even when divinely inspired.
    • Rejoice with romance, laughter, delight, glee, rapture, and exultation.

    Love All Unconditionally

    • Always feel and come from love; Love is always the answer.
    • Begin with self-love, giving your best to yourself first.
    • Cultivate happiness from within; true fulfillment never comes from the external world.
    • Forgive, accept, and unconditionally love all.
    • Empathically care deeply for all beings. 
    • Generously give and volunteer from abundance.
    • Love has no bounds, the more you give, the more it grows. 
    • Monogamy, Polyamory, abstinence, as well as, all sexual identities, orientations, and healthy consensual desires are equally valid.
    • Create world peace and harmony in your lifetime.

    Orgasmic Oneness

    • Share intimately, with radical honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability.
    • Appreciate, respect, and celebrate everyone’s unique divine diversity.
    • Think globally, all humans while individually unique are fundamentally the same.
    • Perpetuate justice and inclusion, treating all sexes, races, cultures, and beliefs fairly and equally.  Everything has value and place in the divine order.
    • Notice judgments.  Duality and dislikes are just temporary tools for self-discovery.  Everyone is a mirror and everything we do not like in others is something we do not like in ourselves.
    • Internally integrate. The most complete person has their conscious and subconscious, masculine and feminine energy, and all chakras aligned.
    • Know that we are all interconnected to each other, the Earth, and the divine.
    • Energize and arouse your body daily with movement, breath, sound, touch, mindfulness, and sexual energy.
    • Save life on Earth, our oceans, forests, endangered animals and each other.
    • Live sustainably, eliminating unnecessary consumption, waste, and pollution, using clean energy, and regenerating resources.
    • Grow a community of unity, develop teamwork by deeply listening to and understanding each other, while supporting and leveraging where aligned.
    • Complement and cooperate vs. compete, always go for win/win.
    • Nudity, creative sex, and orgasms are natural, healthy, and a divine gift.
    • Learn how to be a Legendary Lover, connect deeply with others, and have out of this world orgasms for as long as desired.
    • Transmute your sexual energy to expand your spirituality, feeling your oneness with ALL, while raising the consciousness and vibration of humanity.

    Vigorous Health

    • Listen to, trust, and nurture what your body tells you it needs.  It supersedes all advice.
    • Maximize your energy field to be vibrant, lively, and visceral.
    • Build your body into an indomitable, strong, fit, flexible, paragon of health.
    • Produce results in flow with ease and grace, especially under pressure.
    • Keep mind brilliant, healthy, and clear, with focus, meditation and breath.
    • Exercise, stretch, do GAIASETS™ and meditate regularly (ideally daily).
    • Eat predominantly nutritious organic vegan food.
    • Use preventative, and holistic healthcare along with Western medicine.
    • Treat self with playtime, romantic dates, vacations, and plenty of rest.
    • Achieve financial freedom with a prosperous mindset and inspired action.
    • Enable these healthy practices to be available and accessible to everyone.

    Enlightened Growth

    • Continuously evolve into our highest selves by exploring new things, testing assumptions, seeking feedback, expanding perceptions, educating self, and having exponential breakthroughs, while knowing you are already perfect.
    • Open your mind, heart, and spirit.  Let all things flow through you.
    • Let go of judgment, fear, pain, guilt, and shame.   
    • Know that positive change is available Now and can be easy, fun, and orgasmic.
    • Practice acceptance and expansion; Not “either-or”, but “both and more”.
    • Encourage the awakening of self-awareness and spirituality in self and others.
    • Your highest calling is Love/God/your spiritual self, it supersedes the authority of law, the government, religious organizations, and anyone’s opinion.

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