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  • Electrifying Love

    Electrifying Love

    Electrifying Love

    You are invited to join our 12-week online course on mastering your sexual energy. This exciting new offering is a culmination of my 27 years of experience in Tantra, personal development, and quest to be the best lover I can be. This is the only comprehensive course I know of that focusses on how to have energetic orgasms.

    This course is designed for singles, couples, and thruples of all sexual orientations and preferences. The techniques demonstrated work for both male and female bodies. It is designed to give you the most efficient impact for your time with a time requirement of 4-6 hours a week.

    This course is $2,995 and will be capped at 8 people in order to give personalized attention for maximum impact. There will be a free 30 minute coaching session and application interview for every candidate to ensure that they are a good fit for this program. If you complete the program (watch all videos, attend coaching sessions, and do practices of 15+ minutes daily) and are not satisfied with your result, you will receive all your money back with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    GAIASETS™ Guide

    A Guide to Life

    Doing a daily Tantra Yoga practice is extremely helpful in helping to ground, calm, relax you as well as awakening and keeping the energy channels open in your body. This is something you can do all by yourself as a daily practice and you can do it with your partner with or without sex.


    This practice is quite flexible in which practices you choose to include with it and you can customize it to meet your desires and time availability. So we have included a short, medium and long GAIASETS to get you started.

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    Prosperity Playshop

    In this fun interactive workshop, we will be sharing ancient and cutting edge prosperity principles as well as easy simple practices that will increase your results exponentially over time. Join our fun, open minded, connected community in using Mindfulness, Movement, Breath, Sound, and Energy to manifest miracles. Don’t let circumstances stop you from your Dreams. Once you learn these techniques and align your subconscious, it can dramatically shift your trajectory and results for the rest of your life.

    Taste of Tantra

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    This introductory program includes...

    • Igniting Intentions
    • Move Your Body
    • Calming Deep Breath
    • Arouse Sexual Energy
    • Transmutation
    • Witness Consciousness
    • Sexpressions
    • Chakras
    • The Power from Within
    • Gratitude
    • Communication
    • Romance Tips


    for a limited time

    This 12-week course will give you an experiential sample of all that tantra has to offer. Each episode corresponds to one week of practice, allowing the lessons to permeate into your consciousness. The course is self-paced, so you can view them as excitedly or as luxuriously as you wish.

    Start your Tantric journey

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    Tantra Techniques

    In this advanced "Tantric Techniques" series, by Melanie McClure, you will be given the tools you need to be a sexual superstar. These advanced physical, psychological, and emotional techniques will allow you to completely satisfy your lover, create abundant amounts of energy, and connect more deeply with other people, Earth, and God. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Limited Offer

    While the “Taste of Tantra” gives you a solid introduction to Tantra, the “Advance Tantra Techniques” series teaches you a variety of core exercises and activities that will really set you up to fly and excel far more quickly and powerfully in your Tantric journey.

  • Become Sexier


    "Sexual Empowerment"

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    8 Professionally filmed Video Classes


    What's holding you back?

    ...from embodying your inner god/goddess?

    ...radiating your essence on a daily basis?

    ...manifesting success and abundance?

    ...empowering your sexiest self?

    For the first time ever, learn alongside our live class in Sexual Empowerment.

    This professionally filmed workshop immerses you alongside actual participants in our live Sexual Empowerment Workshop, allowing you to unlock your inner sexiness together! Each video teaches another technique in our time-tested framework for getting you out of your head and into your sexiness!

    This immersive program includes...

    • Empowerment Agreements
    • Feedback, Confidence & Connection
    • Listening, Acceptance & Core Beliefs
    • The Right to Be Wrong
    • Let's Talk About Sex! 
    • Stories and Responsibility
    • Unraveling Circle Traps 
    • Finding Your Breakthrough 

    The Benefits of this Workshop Include...

    • Become Sexier: Average increase of participants is over 24%
    • Own Your Sexiness, fully embrace who you are as a sexual being
    • Create your ideal love life with confidence and vision
    • Free yourself from shame, guilt, trauma, and fear forever
    • Increase passion and romance in your relationship/s
    • Discover and unburden yourself of unconscious beliefs holding you back
    • Unleash your sexual power with new levels of energy and excitement
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    Become Sexier Today!

  • “My energy is really starting to surge. Not only are my orgasms far more powerful, but they already easily doubled in duration just from the one simple exercise you recommended. Thanks so much!”

    — Paul, Tantra Student

  • 90 Day Double Your Orgasm
    Money Back Guarantee

    All of our online products at Ecstatic Hearts™ come with a 100% Money Back guarantee. If after practicing these techniques you don’t have a profound improvement in your love life, such as doubling the length and intensity of your orgasm, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. We give you 90 days to give you a chance to truly incorporate these valuable lessons. And even if you end up having the best romantic relationship of your life with unprecedented health and bliss at any time during these 90 days, but somehow are not completely satisfied, or just having a bad day, you will still receive a full refund, with no hassle or hoops to jump through.

    Just send an email, requesting a refund, to tantra@ecstatichearts.com

    It’s that simple.

    You have nothing to lose. We are taking all the risks, while you get all of the rewards. So Please Choose In… Life is Now.

  • "Tantra to me is being consciously aware of your feelings and emotions and your energy and being in control of them instead of them being in control of you."

    — Katrina, Tantra Student

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