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8 Benefits of Tantra Yoga

8 Benefits of Tantra Yoga  If you are already involved in a yoga practice, then why not consider trying a Tantra yoga practice? Here are 8 benefits of this form of yoga so that you can learn what it's all about and how to get involved.

In yoga, the mind, body, and spirit expand and become one.

Tension gets released, and energy gets renewed.

There's a reason more than 20 million people practice yoga. It's an experience in spiritual awakening and enhanced physical well-being.

What makes tantra yoga different than more traditional forms? It's for lovers. Those who desire a stronger love of themselves, their partners, and the world around them.

Read on for 8 benefits of this practice and a deeper understanding of how it can change your life.

 First, What Is Tantric Yoga? 

It means "to weave or expand." It's a technique that uses your internal energy to bring out your true and best self.

It works to bring about the power within. It strengthens your connection with yourself and others.

It can open doors for new levels of sexuality, as you become more attuned to your body and mind.

The benefits of tantra yoga classes evolve your mental, physical, and emotional self.

 1. Provide Mental Clarity 

What is tantra yoga, if not meditation in a movement?

The act itself takes your full focus, causing you to connect and reflect. Your self-knowledge expands. While you determine the obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness.

Practice the art of Ecstatic Dance or just bouncing and shaking your body all over. Changing our physical state improves our mental and spiritual state. It improves the health of the body and the health of the mind.

As you unleash and release negative energy, you find your deepest self. The mind clears, reducing weaknesses to make more room for your strengths.

Those who practice tantra yoga classes find themselves thinking with a clearer head. Their minds become unlocked and they can manifest their dreams. The increase in focus shows the way to make goals become reality.

 2. Awaken Your Spiritual Side 

Tantra yoga focuses on the balancing the chakras.

Once this gets achieved, it brings about internal peace and empowerment. This level of spirituality allows us to trust in our own intuitions.

Techniques like the Cobra Breath open up your receptivity to higher consciousness and the divine. You draw energy up from the earth and your root chakra and let it flow throughout your body up your spine. With practice you can have a direct orgasmic experience with God.

Tantric yoga classes can help you to unlock and understand your purpose of life. You'll meet others that share the same spiritual awareness, further deepening your commitment. You will transition from intellectualizing that we are all connected to truly feeling the energy of other beings and our oneness.

 3. Increase Flexibility 

Do you sit at a desk all day? This can cause tension in your shoulders and spine.

Tantra yoga poses release and lengthens the spine. This results in better posture and increased flexibility. It cleanses your lymphatic system and increases blood and oxygen throughout your body.

The slow push these poses provide break you out of your comfort zone. Your muscles will strengthen and tone over time. You will also have more energy and endurance. The health benefits go way beyond just improving your body.

 4. Relieve Stress 

The rhythmic breathing exercises of tantra provide relaxation of the body and mind. As you strengthen your body, you release tension.

This results in a natural form of stress relief. It also helps your mind to learn self-soothing techniques.

Yoga poses work to stimulate the pituitary gland. This will release happy hormones to fight off depression and anxiety. Taking big deep full-lung breaths a few minutes a day will train your automatic breathing throughout the rest of the day to be deeper too.

 5. Enhance Your Sex Life 

While many of us enjoy sex, we suppress or ignore our innermost desires on a subconscious level.

Tantra yoga provides a deeper connection to our bodies. It enhances our love life through renewed energy levels and new heightened sensations.

Men and women who practice tantra yoga report greater sensations in the body. This is partially a result of improved circulation and engorgement. You are also creating new neural pathways in the body to make accessing pleasure and energy easier and quicker.

The practice leaves us more open to intimacy. The greater sense of awareness and stamina allows you to experience new levels of pleasure, unimaginable by most.

Tantra focuses on the building of energy to its highest level. This offers a stronger release and more intense and longer lasting orgasms. Full body orgasms, handless orgasms, and multiple orgasms are all available for both women and men.

Tantric sex is usually slower and more connected love making than traditional sex. It allows a greater concentration and energy and a deeper level of intimacy. Over time, all obstructions and negative energy get removed from your mind and body. You become free. 6. Promote Health and Wellbeing 

One of the main benefits of this style of yoga is that it can reduce aches and pains in your back and neck. 90% of yoga practicers experience reduced back pain.

The immune system also responds to yoga and toxins get released from the body. It also works to reduce blood pressure.

Human growth hormones get released during tantra yoga poses. This helps promote healing in the body. Memory loss can even get reduced, making yoga a great practice for people of all ages. Many people report effects of aging being reversed. You'll notice tone muscles and glowing skin.

You'll can burn calories doing active meditations or improve your health just from breathing and focusing from bed. Tantric Yoga is actually less physically demanding than most yoga and can be done by almost anyone of all ages.

 7. Help You to Unplug 

No phones, no email, no demands of everyday life. Only you, your breathing, and your body.

With busy schedules and everyday demands, it's easy to become burnt out. Technology rules our lives and dictates our moods. We leave little time for ourselves.

Tantra is about focusing on an inner technology. You hone in on how each part of the body functions. There are no distractions, and you can focus on being in the moment. You can connect with a other open minded fun loving people like yourself.

 8. Deepen Your Bond with a Partner 

Practice tantra yoga solo, with a partner or with a group. When practicing with your partner, you grow together and expand your relationship. This is a great tool in keeping the passion alive between two people.

As you try new poses and explore your bodies, you build trust. You become more connected on a spiritual level. The fear of intimacy disappears and your energy levels align.

As your bond grows, so does open communication in the bedroom. This leads to better and more adventurous sex. You and your partner become connected right down into your soul.

Tantra poses stimulate happy hormone production of oxytocin and serotonin. This can also help with reproduction health.

 Practice Tantra Yoga to Unlock the Lifestyle You've Always Wanted 

Tantra yoga can lead you to new sexual heights or the manifestation of your destiny. It can unlock the best version of yourself. The creative life force energy you cultivate serves as a fuel to speed up the process of manifesting your dreams.

To reap all the benefits, practice through private lessons, use online training's in the comfort of your own home, or join one of the many evening or weekend opportunities with a group of other sexy conscious people.

Your spiritual ecstasy awaits...