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    Would you like to increase Joy, Health and Connection in your Life?

    Tantra is the ancient science of using simple tools like breath, sound, movement, mindfulness, touch and sexual energy to recognize our divine nature.
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    Explore the mysteries of Tantric lovemaking. Use the hidden powers of Mindfulness, Movement, Sound, Touch, and Breath to tap into your Energy and enhance your life in amazing ways.

  • Energy Sex Mastery

    You are invited to join our 12-week online course on mastering your sexual energy. This exciting new offering is a culmination of my 27 years of experience in Tantra, personal development, and quest to bethe best lover I can be. This is the only comprehensive course I know of that focusses on how to have energetic orgasms. This amazing technique will enhances many aspects of your life:

    * Increase your overall energy and vitality

    * Improve your intimacy and quality of your relationships

    * Heal yourself and others both physically and emotionally

    * Become a legendary lover with skills that most people don’t know exist

    * Learn secrets of Tantra, Breathwork, Vocalization, Mindfulness, and Movement

    * Find and keep the love/s of your life

    * Access the Divine and Spiritual Growth

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    This course is designed for singles, couples, and thruples of all sexual orientations and preferences. The techniques demonstrated work for both male and female bodies. It is designed to give you the most efficient impact for your time with a time requirement of 4-6 hours a week. Each week there will be 2-3 videos from 15-30 minutes long, and every month there will be 2 hour-long group coaching and 1 personal 30+ minute coaching sessions from me, ScottieO. You will also have a buddy with weekly 30 min. accountability and support sessions. So, a total of 24+ videos, 9 coaching sessions, 12 buddy calls.


    This course will be capped at 8 people in order to give personalized attention for maximum impact. There will be a free 30 minute coaching session and application interview for every candidate to ensure that they are a good fit for this program. If you complete the program (watch all videos, attend coaching sessions, and do practices of 15+ minutes daily) and are not satisfied with your result, you will receive all your money back with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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    This program will be launching on 10/19/2023 7:30 CST and ending mid-January. Weekly topics or themes will include:


    * The Magic of Mindfulness
    * Energy Sex Essentials
    * Self-Love
    * Sexual Empowerment
    * Communication Keys
    * Romance and Seduction
    * Energizing Games
    * Tantra Techniques
    * Ecstatic Enhancements
    * Varieties of Eroticism
    * Group Energy
    * Spirituality and Miracles


    So, please sign up here for your free coaching session, if you are interested in exploring more about how Energy Sex can improve your life.


    Here's the QR code or link to pre-qualify: https://calendly.com/ecstatichearts

  • Ecstatic Hearts Tantra follows the lineage of Babaji Nagraj and the Cosmic Cobra Breath which uses sexual energy to open all seven chakras and in the process giving you Orgasms beyond your wildest imagination.


  • Testimonials of what is possible with Tantra!

    Tantra is powerful. The results sound incredible until you see them again and again.

    Try out a 30min Tantra practice!

    A daily cleanse for mind, body and spirit. Feel the magic of Tantra for yourself.

  • Ecstatic Hearts' Mission is to Empower all People through Tantric Yoga and Mindfulness to Create an Extraordinary Universe filled with Peaceful Harmony, Healthy Energy, Orgasmic Bliss, and Unconditional Love.


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  • “Thank you for saving our marriage! Our love life was suffering for some time. We had gotten into a rut and just weren’t feeling the spark anymore. We had tried counseling but with minimal results. Then, we started doing Tantra with Ecstatic Hearts™ and found what we had been praying for. In just 3 months, we evolved into a deeper, more passionate relationship than we thought was possible."

    — Kat & Josh, Tantra Students

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