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    Why do this?

    • Dramatically improve your love life with intimacy and passion. 
    • Release anxiety and stress in fun and exciting new ways.
    • Increase your joy, harmony and fulfillment. 

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    Meet Melanie and ScottieO

    Recently cameo-ed on Netflix, meet the happily married couple who has been spreading the message of love to millions. The Daily Mail called them "the lucky couple who can orgasm for 18 hours just from HUGGING" but there is nothing lucky about being a Legendary Lover. They learned these skills by studying the Babaji Nagaraj lineage and other schools of Tantra for two decades as well as working with dozens of personal development organizations. They've already taught these skills to thousands of students on how to take their love lives to extraordinary levels.

  • Who is this for?

    Singles, Couples, and Poly-minded adults. Everyone can benefit from more love.

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    Improve Communication. Reignite Passion. Connect Deeply.

    Feeling stressed or stuck in a rut? Learn amazing skills to reduce tension and anxiety, build trust, and enhance intimacy. Most couples also find that their desire for each other dims over time and some get caught up in a cycle of conflict or find themselves growing apart. Clear communication and conflict resolution skills can bring harmony and joy to your relationship. Plus, these fun and exciting games and techniques will dramatically improve your sex life in profound new ways.

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    Find Love. Join Community. Build Skills.

    It can be a challenge to put yourself out there, express your desires and connect with people when you are single. We know this from personal experience. In fact it was the shame from one of his first sexual experiences that led ScottieO to go into training for his future true love. He learned most of his skills when he was single so that when he met Melanie, the love of his life, he was able to attract and woo her. Become confident in your skills as a masterful lover.

  • How It Works

    Complex skills take practice and integration. You will receive videos and coaching each week for 12 weeks.

    Launches on Tuesday, October 6.


    This program requires about 3 hours a week, plus integration of these skills into your life, but is customized to fit your schedule. It is one of the most comprehensive programs that exists around Love.



    50 videos, approximately 10 minutes each that covers the core skills needed to become a legendary lover.


    Group Coaching

    One hour of group coaching each week by ScottieO.


    1:1 Coaching

    You will get a personal coach who can work with you two times a week to fine tune to your needs.



    Join the open, fun, and sexy Ecstatic Hearts community. Master mind with other people committed to taking their love lives to another level.



    Receive many bonuses including those listed below, along with private sessions with ScottieO and Melanie.

  • The Four Skill Sets

    Master the 12 skill areas that are necessary to become a truly legendary lover.

    Empowered Mindset

    • Mindfulness
    • Unconditional Love
    • Empowerment

    Conscious Relating

    • Clear Communication
    • Conflict to Harmony
    • Romance

    Sexual Skills

    • Understanding the body
    • Ecstatic Enhancements
    • Integration and Practice

    Tantric Energy

    • Tantra Techniques
    • Energizing sexual energy
    • Sex and Spirituality
  • What do our students have to say?

    "I ended up with some incredibly invaluable lessons. More humility, more respect and love for myself." - Dala


    "Our life has really transformed. I now have deeper connections with my love and I'm living my life's purpose." - Forrest


    "They've given me hope, they've given me courage, they've given me a new level of sexuality, they've given me my glow." - Clarity


    "You just develop a better sense of who you are and what's important to you and relationships with other people and relationship with yourself in a way that you've never really considered it before." - Molly

  • Free 30-minute consultation with ScottieO McClure to see if this program is a fit for you.

  • Free Bonuses

    Bonus 1: Sexual Empowerment Videos

    Includes 8 videos priced at $295

    • Create your ideal love life with confidence and vision.
    • Free yourself from shame, guilt, trauma, and fear forever.
    • Increase passion and romance in your relationship/s.
    • Unleash your sexual power with new levels of energy and excitement.

    Bonus 2: 7 Tantric Nights Videos

    Journey with your romantic partner in a tantric date night for two, for seven unique nights. Just follow along with these hypnotic sensuous rituals each kicking off your evening with a 20-45 minutes long guided puja to spice up your love life. Tantalize, arouse, and merge into blissful oneness. Valued at $99, the 7 Tantric Nights consists of:

    • Body Worship
    • Erotic Empowerment
    • Shakti Shiva Puja
    • Energetic Connection
    • Kundalini Rising
    • Awakening the Senses
    • Erogenous Zones

    Bonus 3: Prosperity Playshop Video

    • How to use Tantric Tools of Transformation to have abundance in every area of your life.
    • Ancient and cutting edge prosperity principles as well as easy simple practices that will increase your results exponentially.
    • Learn techniques to align your subconscious by yourself to live a truly extraordinary life. Valued at $195.

    Bonus 4: Personal Coaching Sessions, 30 mins. with ScottieO

    Valued at $100.

    Bonus 5: Private lesson in person with Melanie or Scott, 1 hour

    Valued at $395.

    Bonus 6: Surprise videos and more!

  • Money Back Guarantee.

    If you attend the entire program and you don't feel that your love life has dramatically improved, we will refund 100% of your money