• Orgasm Mastery Series

    by ScottieO of Ecstatic Hearts™

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  • When a male bodied person masters orgasms without ejaculation, they builds energy instead of depleting it. Imagine making love for hours at a time where instead of being exhausted afterwards, you actually feel more energized and revitalized than when you began. You can have multiple orgasms or even attain a state of continuous orgasm for hours at a time. See how much further you can take your and your partner’s pleasure than you thought was possible. When doing this for hours at a time (which is increasingly fun to do) through love making or self-practice, one creates additional amazing benefits. This growing energy increases your capacity to feel pleasure, joy, and energy. You connect more deeply with your partner, clear out energy blocks, heal any trauma and shame, develop super powered sensitivity and build your skills to become a legendary lover.


    This foundational practice allows a Tantra practitioner to truly evolve exponentially and delve into a whole new world that most people do not know or believe exists. Some benefits include:

    • Learn how to orgasm more powerfully than ever before without ejaculating. Guaranteed!
    • Please your lover for as long and as often as you like without worrying about finishing too soon.
    • Have more energy, vitality and health.
    • Increase your capacity to feel pleasure, joy, and orgasmic intensity.
    • Connect more deeply, emotionally and intimately with your partner/s.
    • Heal old wounds, shame and trauma, by powerfully clearing stuck energy in your body.
    • Transmute energy to be more powerful in every area of life and manifest your dreams.
    • Learn skills and techniques to turn your partner on like never before.
    • Have total mastery over your cock, your orgasms, and your love life.
    • Get on the path of awakening, where your life significantly improves every month.

    I was a virgin until 23 and was as nervous, geeky, premature ejaculator with erectile dysfunction issues. A series of shameful experiences let me to begin "training for my future true love, and being the best lover I could be” over 30 years ago. I began studying Tantra and learned how to separate orgasm and ejaculation 25 years ago and that’s when things really started to shift. My confidence and skills inside and outside the bedroom grew. I attracted the love of my life and was happily married for 14 years.


    Once I mastered this and many other amazing Tantra skills, we founded Ecstatic Hearts and began teaching full time 10 years ago. We dramatically improved the love lives of thousands, helping countless men master their sexuality, empowering them in every area of their lives. Millions of people worldwide have seen me on television and media such as Netflix, Men’s Health, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Morning Show with Phil and Holly, Daily Mail, Mirror, Women’s Health, and more where I am famous for orgasmic hugging and having 18 hour long orgasms. I have since become polyamorous and pansexual and expanded my experience in a myriad of ways, including spiritually. Now, I have had so many embodied visceral experiences of the divine that I do not need faith. My life and the lives of many of my students significantly improve every month and will continue to do so into infinity. A bold claim, I know. It all starts with tapping into and utilizing your sexual energy. Let me show you a whole new world that is available to you.


    This completely online program begins November 1st for every 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of the month from 8:00-9:30pm CST. These live Zoom calls will be interactive and led by me personally to handle all your questions and support you every step of the way. It will include simple and easy home play exercises to re-train your body to experience love in a more fulfilling, healthier, and effective way. You will also receive videos of these classes for review or if you are unable to attend one. All calls will be recorded but only spotlighted on me so your privacy will be maintained. You may also receive free Bonus video content. The general topics of the classes are:


    Nov. 1st : Kick off, Goals/Intention, Self-Love Practice, Breath, Sound, Touch

    Nov. 15th : Focus, Beliefs, Accountability, Mindfulness/Witness Consciousness

    Dec. 6th : Feelings, Emotional Release, Healing Shame, Clearing Blocks, Movement

    Dec. 20th : Energy, Accelerators, Drugs, Groups, Sexual Safety

    Jan. 3rd : Female orgasm, Skills and Techniques, Erogenous Zones, Pleasing your Partner/s

    Jan 17th : Conclusion, Tantra, Spirituality, Miracles


    This is a new product launch. I have never offered these skills in this format before. So, unlike comparative programs that cost $3K, we are only charging $995 and limiting attendance to only 8 people so that you can receive personal attention in this interactive course. One-on-one coaching will also be available outside of these group Zoom calls to ensure that you achieve your goals. Are you ready to be an extraordinary lover?


    Money Back Guarantee: If you follow the simple and easy steps recommended over the 3 month time period of the course (including attending all calls and a 15 min practice a day) and you don’t learn how to have the most powerful orgasms of your life, you get 100% of your investment back.


    If interested, please click here to schedule a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to see if this is the best fit for you.


    If you are ready to grab one of these spots now, please sign up here.


  • Testimonials

    "Their workshop is great for anyone, I kept thinking about how my single and married friends alike would get so much from the workshop (old and young!). A part of their training was geared towards practicing really strong consent and communication for both men and women. If that was taught in schools everywhere, our world would be a much more respectful, safe, and fun place! The whole class was encouraging of expanding my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone, while at the same time showing so much respect and honoring our needs. These are great people working very hard and creating a better world for tomorrow!" - Matt F.


    "Amazing experience! I laughed, I cried, I sweated my a55 off! Don't go in with preconceptions, just prepare to connect to your inner child and face down a pack of fears. It was far and above the best workshop I've had on using sexual energy to benefit your overall life!" - Victor M.


    "One of my barriers to being loving, loving all was self love and I really appreciate the container that was this last weekend because it felt very safe and a lot of shame to be shed, to be seen, to put light on my self-limiting beliefs was really powerful and I felt a lot of really heavy stuff leave me so I get to walk forward. I'm a more confident, empowered individual so thank you." - Mickey


    "Incredible container, incredible facilitators, inredible content from ScottieO. Just everything. All these puzzle pieces that fit together to make just an insanely powerful transformative experience." - Donnie